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10 Fun Baby Shower Themes for Girls

Are you going to have a baby girl!? Well, congrats. Have you thought about how you want to theme for baby shower for your precious baby girl? Many ideas could work for you. These ideas are the most trendy in 2020 and will leave your guests speechless. These unique themes are those new baby girls. Many things must be planned to have a marvelous party.

Paying close attention to detail and making sure the theme fits the mother and daughter is the most important part. These baby themes are going to blow your mind away. You will leave this article with a sense of which theme you want to have your baby shower. These themes came from some of the best baby shower websites. They are innovating and always looking to improve there designs and ideas. I hope that this article will help you generate ideas to back this day very special and unforgettable.

1. Unicorns and Rainbows

This theme is excellent for girls because this is every girl’s fairytale. Unicorns are magnificent, and the white will bring in great energy. The rainbow will give your party more color. The cake, which could be a unicorn surrounded with flowers of all colors, will leave your guests speechless.

2. Tropical Paradise

Using tropical leaves to surround your table where the cake is will bring energy and life to the party. Every girl’s dream is to be on the beach with the palm trees; therefore, why not bring the dream to the shower. This is a vibrant colorway that will be a beautiful party.

3. Silver and Lace

This is an elegant idea where there will be silver trays with white lace. This is defiantly a classy shower. This will be a more formal party that will make your guests fill they are royalty. This elegance

will bring great energy to your baby girl. This party idea is best for a venue.

4. Princess Theme

This can be made into a unique idea as princesses have evolved to many different styles. Choose a Disney princess, and this will make for an elegant but fun party. This idea is not as unique, but every girl wishes to be a princess. Therefore welcome your baby to this world as if they were a princess.

5. Pink

Yes! I said pink, everything pink will make this party a girl’s dream. This fabulous idea will bring life and funk to the party. This is also not as unique of an idea because this has been a tradition for many years. Adding a few extra things can make your party more unique and diverse.

6. Glamorous Circus

Use those big gold balloons that are trending to write BABY. These new trendy balloons will bring a unique touch to the shower. Using bright colors with glitter and fun games like the circus will make for an unforgettable shower. Many games can go with this theme.

7. Baby Animal

Any baby animal will do the trick. This will be a cute idea in whatever animal you choose. Some that are common are ducks, foxes, bears, and rabbits. This will bring joy and fun to the shower. This adorable idea will make for a shower that will not be forgotten.

8. Under The Sea

The little mermaid has been a Disney princess for a long time. This under the sea theme will bring water and life to the party. Although the main colorway will be blue, don’t be considered because the other adorable aspects will be sure to make it feel this is for a baby girl. It is using starfish and seashells to decorate your table.

9. Name Brand

It is using a name brand like Gucci, Pink, or other name brands that women love. This will make for a great idea if you’re into fashion. Making a sign that has the symbol you wish to use above the cake table will make for a great decoration. Having party favors that are hand lotions or perfume will make for a shower that will not be forgotten.

10. Butterfly

Butterflies are not just beautiful but make for colorful decorations for a baby shower. This will bring wings to the party that will make everyone know that your baby will not be held down by anything. This theme can be used with outdoor flowers as if it was a pavilion. This will bring life and great energy to the shower and baby.

These ten ideas for a baby shower for a girl are great and starting points. Every one of these ideas can be altered or changed to the needs of the user. These ideas came from some the most looked at baby shower websites. These unique themes will not only make for an unforgettable shower but something that will always be close to you. Planning carefully and ensuring that everything is perfect will make the mother that much happier.

There are some things that showers should always contain, and that is decorations, games, family, and friends. Baby showers are a time when all the women come together to share the bond of motherhood. This journey is not easy, but sure is awarding watching them grow into the person they desire. Choosing the right party decorating store that has many options will be the first step into planning your baby shower. However, some stores may offer new designs and themes. Choosing a theme that fits your personality and the values of your family will bring better energy to your shower. I hope this article gave you some ideas as to where to start your planning and to decorate.

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