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15 Fun Baby Shower Themes for Boys

Are you pregnant? Well, congratulations! Have you started planning the baby shower or have a mother or mother-in-law that is decorating the event for you. Different themes can make this the best baby shower for your baby boy. A baby boy is something special that is a creation magnificent. Here are some ideas for the theme of your baby shower. Baby shower themes for boys.

1. Elegant Elephant

Elephants are a great baby shower idea because aren’t they just so cute. This will take the elegance of the festival much fancier. They have colors that are silver, and turquoise will make this amazing.

2. Modern Safari

Having an animal-themed party is great for a baby boy. Giraffes and lions will make this event cute and exciting. The bright colors of the safari will make the party that much more vibrant. Remember the banner, which can be animal print or decorated with many flowers.

3. Heaven Sent

This is a cute and beautiful idea. The baby blue colors mixed with clouds will make you feel like you’re floating in the heavens. The dessert table must have a delicious white vanilla cake to fit the theme. Fresh flowers and white decor will make this a very special baby shower.

4. Little Man

You are going to have a boy, but he will eventually mature into a little man. Having decor from Hugo Boss or other highly named clothing companies is a great idea for your little man. If you are into style and fashion, this is a great idea. Another idea is to offer mustaches for your guests. This will lighten up the mood.

5. Santa Baby

Suppose your baby is due to close to Christmas. Well, having a baby shower themed with Santa will be a great idea. This will bring joy with the red and white themed decorations. This warm coloring combo will bring life and great energy to the party.

6. Sailor Shower

This is one that has been done quite often but is still a wonderful idea. Having ships and sailboats themed is great for a baby boy. This will allow you to decorate with blue, white, and red.

7. Vintage Shower

Suppose you like old school love and respect. This is a magnificent idea that will show your guests that you still value old traditions. This old school style will bring back memories for your guest. Handmade pinwheels are great ideas surrounded by chalkboards. This shower is for those who wish to spend less money because lots of decorations can be homemade.

8. Rubber Duck

This is one theme that never seems to go out of date. The traditional rubber ducky theme has been in baby showers for years. Its because look how cute the duckies are. The light blue color with yellow will give great energy to the party.

9. Stars and the Moon

This is theme will leave you stargazing and thinking about all the outcomes that can occur. It is also adorable and something that is not as popular. This theme has a more dark coloring palette. This will make for a baby shower themes for boys magnificent.

10. Bear Theme

This theme is not only adorable, but it is adorable. Having stuffed bears all around the venue will leave your guests wanting to snuggle up. This color theme of brown and blue are great colors for a baby boy. This is a great baby shower theme for a baby boy.

11. Baby Fox

A baby fox themed baby shower is great for those who wish to use orange in their color decorations. This cute idea will bring adorableness to the party. Many ideas can be done with the baby fox. Many styles to choose from that can make your baby shower more unique. This baby shower themes for boys is a wonderful idea.

12. The Royal Prince

If you feel that your baby will be royalty in the future, this is a fun idea. It will make the overall style of the party exquisite and professional. Having gold-colored decorations will bring style and great energy to the shower. Baby shower themes for boys are great for the royal prince.

13. Little hero

This is an idea that will let you choose your favorite superhero, or you can also select an array of superheroes. It depends if you would like a variety or only focus on one character. This theme is great for boys because we all know how much they love superheroes.

14. Lego’s

Lego’s are every little boy’s favorite thing. This is where all the creativeness and imagination are formed. There are many ways you could decorate the shower. Lego’s come in many colors; therefore, you can have an array of colors to make it a vibrant shower.

15. USA theme

This is a great theme if you are a proud American. This will not only be classy but will bring out all the American culture in the party. This will not only be unique and different, but the coloring theme will also be excellent. Red, white, and blue is all great colors to choose from when planning a baby shower.

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