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Our Favorite Baby Shower Gifts for Guests

Baby showers are such fun events. It is a wonderful time for friends and family to come together over a very joyous occasion. Baby showers are full of good times, food, and gifts for both the mother and baby, as well as the guests. Here are a few ideas for gifting to those people who attended the shower.

The vessels you use for the baby shower gifts for guests can be varied and reflect the theme of the party. Country themes can use canning jars. Baby bottles full of candy discs are fun. Small tins can be decorated to match the theme of the party. Mesh bags and small paper bags are readily available at craft stores or online. Below will be some more ideas.

Food Gifts

Everyone loves a treat, especially at a baby shower. Food makes a great take-home gift for your guests. One baby shower gift for guests could include chocolates or baby-inspired cookies placed in delicate mesh bags or wrapped in colorful plastic wrap. Pre-made smores wrapped in plastic make a fun and different takeaway item. Microwave popcorn with special thank you tags lets your guests know that you appreciate them, and you will be remembered on their next movie night. Food gifts are always a fun way to say thank you for coming to your shower.

Beverage Gifts

Hot chocolates and coffees make wonderful baby shower gifts for your guests. They are practical and can be adventurous, depending on the flavors you choose. Personalized tea bags thanking the guests for coming and welcoming the baby are another way to celebrate the baby and your guests. Small bottles of wine or mini bottles of alcohol decorated with a personalized label can be another unique way to surprise your guests and get the party going.

Personal Care Items

Mom-to-be needs a little pampering but doing the same for her guests is a great idea. Baby shower gifts for guests could include sample size hand creams and lip balms. Those are especially appreciated in the winter. Small decorative tins full of bath beads or small handcrafted soaps are a lovely idea also. What do you think of pink or blue nail polish gifts that are not only useful but can be part of the baby’s gender reveal? Small mason jars make the perfect receptacle for these small sample size personal care items. Festively decorated cosmetic bags full of gifts are another option for giveaways.

Items for the Home

Baby shower gifts for guests can include fun items for the home. Pink or blue candles make a lovely gift that can be used by your guests in their own homes. Small bottles of perfumes, although usually a personal preference, can be an interesting way to thank your guests for their time. A champagne flute with potpourri is an elegant way to show your appreciation. Writing pens and small note cards tied together in a ribbon are other items to thank your guests and are not only pretty but practical. Personalized coffee mugs are readily available online and can be used as a holder for gifts or as a gift themselves. In the spring, think about wildflower seed packets as gifts with personal thank you stickers on them.

Game Prizes for Your Guests

Baby shower gifts for guests can also be gifts given away during baby shower games. These items can be small things like a candy bar with a personalized wrapper or a full-size bottle of wine depending on the guests. Gift cards to local stores or restaurants make a wonderful gift and help the community too. The winner of a shower game might win a self-care gift basket full of soaps, sponges, and other spa treatment items. Kitchen window herb gardens are a thoughtful and lasting gift. Gift baskets come in all shapes and sizes, from simple to extreme. You can cater to the gifts inside to your friends and family.

Bundled Gift Items

Bundled items also make for a fun and useful baby shower gifts for guests. A cookie sheet, a spatula, and an oven mitt tied with a ribbon can be a fun gift for the bakers in the crowd. A plastic popcorn container filled with all kinds of goodies would be appreciated by those with a sense of fun and a sweet tooth. A lotto ticket tree could be a fun giveaway for a baby shower prize. Everyone loves coloring books these days, bundled with crayons or colored pencils; they make a fun and relaxing gift. Bundled gifts can easily reflect the theme of the party and make the game portion of the event even more exciting.

Gifts on a Budget

Today’s shopping options are varied and easily sourced for baby shower gifts for guests. Baby showers can be an expensive event, so if you want baby shower gifts for guests on a budget, that can be done. Dollar stores have bins and bins of fun, small items that, when bundled together, can make for a great gift. Many craft stores also have dollar bins full of stickers, stationery items, journals, pens, and ribbons. There are many online sources for not only party decorations but bulk supplies also.

Craft stores and online stores have made making these types of gifts for guests so easy. Taking a little extra time to decorate with store-bought or handmade stickers makes the vessels even more festive. Baby shower gifts for guests can be arranged for each guest or winners of games. It all depends on your budget. That is the fun part of planning these events. You can use crafting talents to give the party a personal touch.

A personalized, handwritten note is the perfect way to thank your guests for their time and generosity. Inexpensive computer programs allow you to make thank you cards easily, then writing a personal note inside gives that extra special touch. The process of planning and executing a shower can be overwhelming, but the whole idea is to have fun and celebrate a new life. If you have fun, your guests will have fun also.

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