How to Impress With Baby Shower Food Ideas

What do you think of when you think about the food at a baby shower? You most certainly don’t commonly think of a three-course meal with dessert and drinks, do you? Or Buffet style, bring the whole crew, have it your way.

Typically the thought of a baby shower usually means, bring a gift, mandatory whether it be diapers or a clothing article or your favorite vegan line of product care for the unborn baby you are celebrating. You also need to know what type of food will be there, along with what type of games will be played to reveal the sex of the child.

Why baby shower food is important:

It most importantly sets the mood. Small healthy snacks and more common foods usually bring a more casual, relaxed feeling to the baby shower setting. Whereas a more sit down and enjoy slowly, brings a more formal setting to the baby shower. Keep in mind that the baby shower food should be not only something you know the mother is going to like but also something the other guests can enjoy as well. Keep it healthy, as well the purpose of the shower is to celebrate the birth of an unborn child.

What type of drinks pair well with baby shower food?

Typically nonalcoholic drinks go well. Fruit punch is a good one since you can add fruits of your choice to the punch itself. Soda is a good alternative unless you commonly don’t do soda. You can do mineral water, apple cider for a faux bubbly, or you can do water with your favorite healthy tea stick or energy stick. Juices go well too. For those who may drink if it is a formal setting, you can choose a light wine to go with the meal being served. Do your research; not everyone will love the option if it is not paired properly with the baby shower food being served to the guests.

Where will the food be served?

The theme or setting of the baby shower where the baby shower food will be served is important. This will play a factor in the type of games to be played for the guests along with the specific baby shower food. Determining whether you will be doing games that will involve food or drink is solely dependant upon the person the shower is being held for, and who is either planning it or planning it with the person giving birth. Are you going to be on a beach, at a park, at the lake? Will you be renting a meet and greet room at the hotel? All of these factors will play a role in deciding the baby shower food of your choice.

2 Easy Baby Shower Food Recipe Ideas:

For complete recipe ideas, please feel free to check out some of the websites listed in the sources section below this article. Also listed are a few from personal attendance to baby showers.
Here are some of the personal ones:

1. Frozen Icecubes

Made with mini plastic babies. You can usually get these at the craft store or order them online. Look around. They are fairly cheap. Be sure to make sure they are BPA free as they are being used for drinks and a pregnant lady. You can choose to make juice and freeze them that way, or you can make them plain. This gives a fun vibe to those attending and will pair well with that fruit punch or along with that wine if your guests aren’t afraid to try something new, right?

2. Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

Organic strawberries as they are a cleaner selection.

Blue and Pink melting chips, usually found in the baking section or the cake decorating section at any store, craft store included.

Wash strawberries. Place a sheet of wax paper on a large cookie sheet. Melt chips down on low to medium heat. Dip strawberries in melted chocolate, place on the cookie sheet, let cool or freeze to harden the chocolate at a faster rate.

These always go well, whether it be a baby shower or another type of event.

Some recipes I found on the web for this topic are listed below.

  • Charcuterie Platter
  • Italian Pasta salad selection
  • Finger Sandwiches
  • Fruit and veggie platter
  • Cheese and crackers
  • Assorted Nut selectionSalads


Look around online if the sights listed below are not to your preference. The options are endless. Be sure to have fun with it, especially if it’s your first child. For those that are vegan, vegetarian, or have allergies to gluten or dairy, be mindful and either choose to make one with those options included and one without or just make the whole batch without. That keeps the risk low. It also will be a nice surprise for guests that haven’t tried alternative options. If all else fails, peanut butter and jelly goes great in any situation, especially if your guests bring children with. Who knows, maybe they’re still kids in disguise behind some of those suits they wear. Always keep it fun.

To conclude this, remember to do your research. Know the sex of the child being born. This will prepare for the reveal if you decide to go that route. Be mindful of allergies if you are of coarse aware of all of those of who are attending if not make sure to post little note cards up at each little platter so that they are informed just in case. Enjoy the experience. Love the food. Own your theme. Mostly enjoy the time with friends and family and celebrate your first or tenth child. Birth is a beautiful topic. Congratulations to you whoever may be reading this or planning with this. Glad this can help in your exciting process.