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Our Favorite Baby Shower Favor Ideas

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes, well, you know- a baby in a baby carriage. It is that time of year where new babies are being spotted all around us. The time has come for friends to tell of the good news and to start planning a baby shower to celebrate the mother and the new baby that is soon to arrive. When planning the baby shower, the baby shower favors that you will be presenting to the guests of the baby shower will mean more if they are unique or well thought of. For this, here are some cool ideas for favors or gifts to use for your next shower.

Baby Bottles Please

A great new way to celebrate the new arrival is to plan on creating an original baby shower favor or gifts for your guests to take home. Why not plan on hosting a candy bar. This new tradition will allow guests to mix and match their favorite candies and take them home with them. You could start by choosing to mix and match the pink and blue M&M’s. The mixture will look nice inside of what better of an idea but a baby bottle.

As each guest comes into the shower, hand them a baby bottle, and tell them to fill it with the goodies from the candy bar. They can put as much as they want or as little as they want into the bottle. When they are done, they have a unique baby shower favor or gift and some sweets to take home. Who knows, maybe soon they’ll end up needing the bottle themselves for a new addition.

Plant A Thought

With the new arrival of the baby on the way, what better way to celebrate the birth than with something that will grow into something much bigger as a baby shower favor. Consider using plants as a way to celebrate the new arrival. Hand your guests a plant on their way out the door and ask them to plant it and take care of it, and always to remember that their plant is celebrating the gift of life. This will help others always to feel included in the life of your baby as it also continues to grow inside the womb and on the outside upon its birth.

Manicure, Pedicure- Yes, Please!

So you are gathering a bunch of women and children to a baby shower and are looking for new ideas to give gifts or a baby shower favor to the guests. There is no better way than to share your love of the baby with the love of your nails. Consider the closeness you can develop with the other guests by sitting around and giving manicures and pedicures to the guests of the party. Choose colors that coincide with the delivery of the baby as the baby shower favor. If the mother is going to be having a boy, think of all the cool color ideas you can have with nail polishes. Mix and match the colors and include stickers or whatever else you can think of for the manicure or pedicure.

Don’t Break the Bank.

Another popular choice that people are using to hand out party gifts to their guests is piggy banks. You can give each person a bank of their choice with cool designs or stickers on them that showcase the delivery of your baby. It might include the name of the baby, or it could include the theme of your nursery or anything else you might want to include.

Ask your guests to choose one and take it home and to fill it up for something that they each want. Ask them to write a small note and stick it inside of the bank for something that they want to save up for. When they have filled the bank up and remove the change, they will see the note and can stick it back inside or keep it out after cashing in their change. It will be a cool reminder of the day of your shower.

Measures of Love

A neat idea that will allow you to personalize and celebrate your baby shower while giving each guest something special is to purchase measuring spoons. Attach a small note to the box or package of the measuring spoons that give the date of your shower and the initials of the baby. This will allow guests to take home something useful and purposeful while still offering you to celebrate their attendance at the baby shower.

Coast to the Top

A neat idea to use for a baby shower favor is to think of coasters. This popular choice will allow you to choose a theme and style that fits your preference. You will then be able to hand out the coasters to guests as they leave your celebration. The coaster can be used in their home to keep their drinks up off from the table or simply to be used as a decoration or knick-knack. In this case, the use of initials or dates will make it that much more special when choosing what design will suit your taste for each baby shower favor.

Blocks to Build From

When it comes to building, what better way of building up your guests than with personalized blocks of soap? Think of good smell and incorporate that into the use of soap for each of your guests to choose from for your baby shower favor. You can use lavender or vanilla or any other type of scent that you like. The guests will be able to take home the block of soap to either save and place on a shelf, or they can use it in their bathrooms for guests to enjoy when they visit. Think of cool ideas for labels and use the date as a way to let others know about your joyous occasion.

All of these ideas will help you to come up with inspiring ways to celebrate the arrival of your new baby. If you are planning on using a gender reveal, be sure to include baby shower favor from both color designs or choose to use yellows as a way to make it more unique while still celebrating the gender reveal.

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