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Our Favorite Baby Shower Centerpiece Ideas

When planning and decorating for a baby shower, be sure to include the baby shower centerpieces. Centerpieces are essential to baby shower decor. They are not only the focal points of the table; they help tie the decor and theme together. From gift tables, food tables, and guest tables, centerpieces can adorn them all.

Whether store-bought, handmade, or a combination of the two, shower centerpieces are great conversation pieces and create memories for years to come. Make it elegant, simple, fun, whimsical, cute, quirky, or over-the-top; just make it something the honorees will love. There are some classic baby shower centerpiece ideas that just never seem to go out of style, are always suitable, and can be done several ways:

1. The infamous diaper cake

First on the list of baby shower centerpieces is the infamous diaper cake. It has been gracing the tables of baby showers for years. It’s hard to believe how beautiful something as functional and necessary as diapers can be when made to look like a cake. The great thing is they can have multiple tiers for height. They can be made of reusable cloth diapers, disposable diapers, or both. They can be simple to highly adorned. Diaper cakes can be easily decorated with bows, flowers, and baby shower trinkets.

The diaper cake kit

If DIY is not your thing and you aren’t up to finding someone who can make it for you, no worries. There are plenty of diaper cake kits on the market. You can purchase a ready-made centerpiece and simply insert the diapers. (Here’s an example of a diaper cake kit on

Handmade diaper cake

If you’re crafty or want to give it a personal touch, making a diaper cake is a fun, heartfelt centerpiece. If you need some instructions or a basic guide, there a plenty around. From instructional videos to templates, there are countless online resources to help you make diaper cakes in different styles (like this one on

2. Balloons are always a staple

Balloons are always a baby shower staple, from denoting the shower entrance to hanging from the ceilings, balloon arches, and columns. Balloons can be manipulated in many ways to be used as centerpieces. Since balloons come in a plethora of colors, they can easily match the baby shower colors. Balloons can have words on them or pictures that can help them further tie in the theme and provide special greetings. Balloons can add varying heights to centerpieces, providing more dimension to the room. Balloon centerpieces can come in the form of single balloons, balloon bouquets, or balloon objects and can be purchased or made.

Single balloons

Single balloons make great centerpieces when tied to another item like a basket or simply left dangling in the center of the table with a weight. Adding a little extra character to a single balloon is as simple as making the balloon weight from a baby item and curling the ribbon. They are affordable, fun, and easy to find. A single balloon is saying, “It’s a boy,” and “Babygirl” or “About to pop” can easily stand alone.

Balloon bouquets

You can do a lot of things with a balloon bouquet centerpiece. From a group of large balloons to small balloons or multiple sizes together, stick balloons to string balloons; the balloon bouquet centerpiece offers you lots of options. The balloon bouquet centerpiece can consist of the balloons themselves with weight, or they can also be attached to another item as with single balloons. Items like stuffed animals of various sizes (depending on the size of the bouquet) and flower pots are great to attach to balloon bouquets for centerpieces. Making a balloon bouquet centerpiece is easy to do. You can even purchase a balloon stand to make your balloon centerpiece. If you want to skip all of the work, purchasing a ready-made balloon bouquet is the option for you.

Balloon figures

Balloon figures are fun baby shower centerpieces. They can easily stand-alone, be grouped as a scene, or included in a bouquet. Balloon figures range from babies to pacifiers, bottles, animals, flowers, blocks; you name it. You can find them in stores, use a service that makes them, or there are also kits for making certain figures. Balloon figures centerpieces are very cute to add lots of charm to the shower.

3. Flowers

Flowers are always appropriate decorations for showers. Flower centerpieces add beauty and color to baby shower decor and can also help to soften the room. Live, fabric, or paper flowers; they all make great centerpieces.

Single flowers

Single flowers, like the single rose, carnation, or chrysanthemum, make simple and elegant baby shower centerpieces. Single flowers can be displayed in vases of all sizes and colors, made of glass, ceramic, brass, or numerous other materials. The single flower in a vase centerpiece can be accented with a ribbon, tying the colors further to the shower decor.

Flower bouquets

Flower bouquets are always enjoyed. Baby shower flower bouquet centerpieces can give a burst of color, using single colors, multiple colors, or dipped flowers. They can range from a few flowers to larger bouquets of a dozen or more, displaying one flower type or an arrangement of various flowers. The size of the flowers can range too, from petite flowers to large towering ones. With tricks like using fillers such as baby’s breath, live bouquet centerpieces can still be affordable. Flower bouquets can be displayed in vases, baskets, flower pots, and more and can include candy, stuffed animals, baby items, etc.

4. The baby blocks

Baby blocks are adorable baby shower centerpieces. Primary color blocks, to baby blues, pinks, or gold blocks, can uniquely tie into the shower theme and colors. The baby blocks can range in sizes and are generally wooden, plastic, fabric, or paper. Baby blocks can be arranged in several ways for shower centerpieces; vertical, horizontal, stacked, and so on. The baby blocks can spell out whatever you would like to tie into the theme (like these at or just keep it simple with the traditional, a-b-c. Baby blocks can, of course, be purchased for your shower centerpieces or are as simple as making a cube and drawing letters. There are baby block templates available online to help.

5. Candy

Candy is a tasty treat for baby shower centerpieces. The unlimited shapes and colors add loads of variety to baby shower centerpieces. Unique centerpiece looks can be created with hard candy, taffy, sour candy, white chocolate, milk chocolate, mints, and licorice, to name a few.

Candy jars

Candy jar centerpieces offer many unique shapes at varying heights, adding depth and dimension to the table. You can stick with the simplicity of the clear jar or use a colored jar for even more pizzazz. The candy jars can be adorned with labels with messages or names.

Candy bouquets

Candy bouquet centerpieces can come in the form of baskets, vases, buckets, boxes, and more. Chocolate bars and other Individually wrapped candies are great to use when making candy bouquet centerpieces. Candy roses or other candy flowers are also good because they easily give height to the bouquet.


When it comes to planning baby showers, the decorations help to make them. Centerpiece decorations are like icing on the cake. You can’t go wrong with any of these centerpieces. They can be made to fit any budget, whether purchased or handmade. These baby shower centerpieces can be combined, used individually, or with other items to create an enjoyable space for this special celebration. Create lasting memories by personalizing the baby shower centerpieces with your special touches for the honorees.

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