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10 Adorable Baby Poses for Baby Portraits

You want to capture the essence of your little one, and you want any photos taken of your baby to be perfect, just like your baby. In order to help you get creative and choose your pose ideas for baby portraits that you will always treasure, we’ve narrowed it down for you. Listed below, you will find ten ideas. Any of these ideas will help you create lasting memories of your child. The ten ideas suggested are some of the most popular and creative ideas out there that you can consider when planning for baby portraits. Let’s take a look at ten baby poses for baby portraits that you can use for some pretty amazing photos.

1. Black and White Photos

Black and white photos are a timeless option that you should consider. They lead to beautiful images that narrow in and focus on the subject of the photos, your baby. Your baby portraits will also invoke more emotion. Are you still not sold on the idea? Check out these beautiful black and white baby portraits.

2. Keep It Simple

You should avoid busy backdrops and too many objects in the photo. You want the focus to be your baby. Their favorite teddy bear, them, and a plain backdrop will suffice. Busy backdrops and too many props will take the focus away from your baby and not truly show them off. Don’t let your baby get lost in busy backdrops and prop overkill.

3. Grab a Basket

Baskets are a very popular idea for you to consider for poses. Grab a cool woven basket and place a blanket without too much design in the basket. Sit your baby on top and let them naturally do their thing. Make sure that you or someone else is at an arm’s length for safety reasons. Check out these safety tips, as well as some great ideas for baby poses.

4. A Baby Bouquet

Fresh flowers are a great idea for you to consider. Either grab some of your favorite flowers and have your baby in the middle of them (consider an ensemble that matches the flowers, or you can arrange the blooms in the shape of a number reflecting how many months old your little one is with them positioned by the floral numeric arrangement.

5. Choose a Character

You can also consider dressing your kid up as a certain character type. Fictional characters like Superman or Wonderwoman will create photos showing off plenty of character. You can also have your baby posing and portraying real-life characters. If your husband is an attorney, you can put your baby boy in a suit with a tie. If you’re a nurse, you can adorn your little baby girl with a baby nurse outfit. Your use of character portrayals can create very memorable baby portraits.

6. Animal Portrayals

Animal portrayals are another great idea for you to consider and offer plenty of ideas for posing. Dressing your baby up like a little lion or butterfly will show off plenty of your baby’s personality. There are so many cool animal portrayals for you to consider. You should check out some of the great poses for baby portraits that make use of animal portrayals. Animals can also be photographed with babies. Your family pet would probably appreciate some special attention, too.

7. In their Element

Another great idea for you is to have photos of your baby doing their thing in their natural environment. You don’t need sets, props, or a trip to the photographer. Pay a photographer to come to your home and have them capture your little one in the natural element. Years on down the road, you will appreciate being able to recall even more specifically just how cute and precious your baby was at their most tender years. You will capture all kinds of great poses.

8. Baby and Mom

Baby and mom photos provide some pretty breath-taking poses and memorable portraits. You can consider photos of your baby in your hands, arms, or on your shoulder. Shots that capture mom and baby interactions are great for you, too. Of all the special memories you will recall about your baby, those mom and baby moments are some of the most precious. Consider poses that make use of baby and mom to deliver for you some incredible photographed moments.

9. Baby and Dad

Mom is the only one that deserves attention. Husbands can also be part of your baby’s portraits. Photos of dad holding baby’s hand or sitting in dad’s arms are two popular poses. You can opt for serious poses, or you can have a photographer capture your baby with dad interacting. You really have no limit as to how creative you can get.

10. Babies in the Buff

It is not very often that you will be able to capture your child in such a natural element. Nude or partially nude poses of your baby will help do just that. While there has been a lot of debate over whether or not nude photos of your baby are a good idea, the majority of voiced dissent is around sharing those photos online via social media. Nude poses of babies alone or with their parent(s) is a timeless tradition you can consider. They are especially popular with newborns and infants, and they can lead to some pretty amazing baby portraits that you will always treasure. It provides you with a beautiful snapshot of what your baby was like at their most uninhibited state.


There are so many great ideas out there for you to consider. And while there are so many different pose ideas, the ten aforementioned suggestions are tried and true approaches that will lead to some pretty remarkable baby portraits. Remember to choose poses that reflect your baby’s personality, and also remember to choose poses that reflect what you want to capture.

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