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11 Tips If Your Baby Is Not Kicking

It is indeed very important for your baby to move during your pregnancy. Anywhere from around 15 weeks to 22 weeks is when you can expect to start feeling those movements or kicks as most people call them. Your baby kicking is extremely important to help them develop their muscles, joints, and bones. Movement on your baby’s end during pregnancy will lead to a healthier baby upon delivery. If your baby has slowed down or stopped their kicking, it is usually because they are tired or sleeping. To get them to start kicking again, you should know that there are some tried and true tricks out there that can help you.

1. Jumping Jacks

You can do jumping jacks, which are a great trick that has been shown to help babies kick. Do a few jumping jacks and then sit down. Repeat this process until your baby begins to start moving again. You can also try to run in place. However, jumping jacks tend to work better. You might not notice the movements from your baby right off the bat, but you should.

2. Snack A Way

Your baby could be tired, and they could need some extra fuel. You should see if upping the number of snacks you have makes a difference. You can also try to diversify your snack food choices. Fruit juice and nuts are two great choices. You should know that there are all kinds of great, healthy food and drink options that can help your baby kick.

3. Add Some Spice

At mealtime, you can look into adding more spice. Spicy food is another trick that has been used by many to get their baby to kick, and you should consider mixing it into your diet. Head out for tacos on Taco Tuesday, or get your spouse or partner to bring you home a burrito. You can also add more cinnamon, cumin, garlic, and turmeric to your dietary choices.

4. Poke Your Belly

Your little one might start kicking again or kicking more if your nudge or gently poke your stomach. Around 18 to 20 weeks, your baby can feel pokes, and as they near delivery, you might notice them trying to poke back. Nudging your belly should be done with caution, though.

5. Baby Talk and Singing

Talking to your baby or singing to your baby is another great idea. This can be very fun, too. It is even more fun if you have someone join in with you. Grab your spouse or partner, or ask your mother to come by and join in on talking or singing to your little one. After just four months, your baby can already hear. Talk and sing to them to keep them active and kicking during your pregnancy.

6. Turn the Music Up

If your voice or the voice of someone you know is not working, you should grab some headphones and play music for your baby to see if that works. Any kind of music could do the job for you. Go ahead and introduce them to your favorite band. You just might not need to introduce them to Bob Marley or Ozzie Ozbourne for obvious reasons, though. You know we are kidding about the Marley and Ozbourne, right? Classical music from artist like Mozart and Beethoven are very popular, but you must know there is no conclusive evidence that your baby will be smarter if you play classical music to them.

7. Grab A Flashlight

At five months or shortly after that, your baby will already be able to understand the concept of light, even from the fetus. If you grab a flashlight and project the light on your stomach, your baby could notice. Movement and kicking could return, as your baby tries to move away from the light that feels like a spotlight to them.

8. Crouch and Cough

Your baby might also react to you getting on your hands and knees and coughing. Your little one might have gotten very comfortable in their current spot, and as a result, he or she might not want to move. This could be the reason your baby has stopped kicking. After being on all fours and coughing, you should then move and lie down on your side. Lying down on your side afterward will help you better notice the return of movement. There is no rhyme or reason to the exact amount of coughs you will need. Your baby might move too much. If this is the case and you experience accompanying pain, you should repeat the process until you and the baby are both comfortable.

9. Take A Bath

A nice warm bath will not only help you during pregnancy, but your baby will also enjoy it. Baths have been shown to help unborn children move more, and you should consider this idea. Your baby will not only react to the soothing effect of the bath, but they will also move as a result of the temperature change. Just be sure that you follow safety guidelines.

10. Watch A Supensful Movie

Anything that gets your adrenaline going can cause your baby to start kicking again, so it comes as no surprise that a horror flick or action-packed film could get your baby moving. You might have heard that watching a scary movie is not good for your unborn child. You should know that those claims are nothing but a myth.

11. Rest or Sleep

During the day, you are doing things that require a lot of movement. When you move throughout your day, your baby experiences the effects similar to those of being rocked. It is no surprise then that kicking is less common while you are active. Your baby is resting or sleeping away. Many expecting mothers notice that baby movement picks up at night, especially when they lie down to go to sleep. If your baby is not kicking, take a break and lie down for a little while. If your baby doesn’t respond to your being on your back, turn on to your side. Switch positions until your baby responds.


While your baby’s kicking should return through the use of one or more of these tips, in rare instances, you could have a more serious issue. If your baby’s kicking doesn’t pick back up, you might need to go ahead and call your doctor. Your medical provider can rule out or address something more serious.

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