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5 Tips If Your Baby Likes to Smell You

My baby likes to smell me!

Is it such a bad thing that your baby likes to smell you? It may seem kind of cute and funny all at once. But keep in mind that babies have a strong sense of smell ( As a mother, I wouldn’t be too worried about your baby smelling you. Because it might be considered a good thing that your baby smells you. It could potentially mean that your baby is familiarizing themself with you. The bond a mother has with their baby is always special.

But to form a natural bond with your baby, your baby has to understand you and vice verse. That has to involve getting to know one another. Think about it, if you meet someone for the first time and you start to develop a relationship with them, you start to become familiar with that person whether it has to do with how they act, dress, talk, walk, etc. But you also start to notice the intimate details of that person. Intimate details can range from how a person smells, or even how they twiddle their thumbs when they’re nervous.

Your baby has been exposed to everything you are since the moment they were born. So it’s normal for them to have learned what your scent. That’s probably one of the most important factors in how they identify you. And if they like smelling you, then that only indicates that they love your scent and can’t get enough of it. And if it helps ease your mind, your baby smelling you can also signify how much they love you.

1. Your Baby Loves You

If your baby happens to find a liking to your perfume or your natural scent, it only means that your baby loves you. You have to understand that babies learn their mother’s scent early in life. So they can have a way of clinging onto that scent just as they cling onto you. The smell is one way a newborn can forge a strong tie to their mother. And sometimes the smell can bring back memories or thoughts that are attached to that particular smell. You never know, the sweet-smelling scent that you give off could bring joy to your baby just by mere scent itself. But it’s not something you should worry about. Instead, you should embrace it because it’s another way to bring you closer to your baby.

2. Familiarity

Familiarity is important. Your baby’s senses are almost, if not, just as keen as a normal adult. And it comes in handy because it helps babies become more aware of their surroundings. It’s normal for your baby to develop a familiarity with your scent. It’s also important because it can help your baby differentiate who a person is. Your baby knows who you are just based on your scent. A lot of moms don’t know that, but it is true. And forming a familiarity with your baby is important because it’s essential for the bond. You want to be around your baby every chance you get so that the familiarity is there.

3. Turning Towards You

If your baby loves to cuddle you or snuggle up against you, it’s a clear sign that they love you. But it could also mean that they love smelling you. It’s normal for a baby to find a liking to different scents. Everything is already so new to them, so exploring the world around them is in their nature. That is why a baby turns their head automatically when you’re about to breastfeed them. They can smell the breast milk. The same thing happens when you hold them against you. Of course, they’re going to cuddle automatically, but it also gives them an excuse to smell you as well. So do not be alarmed if you find that your baby likes to turn their head towards you more often. It could be a clear indication that they love the way you smell.

4. Did You Know?

A lot of people may not know this, but when a baby is in the womb, it can filter out nutrients back to the mother via the umbilical cord. But once the umbilical cord is cut, that baby has to rely on their sense of smell to find what they have always known. And, after the first few days of birth, a mother produces sweat similar in scent to the amniotic fluid. It’s all a combination of biology and chemistry and the process of holding and smelling. The combination is what forms the bond between mother and baby. That is why it is amazing to watch a mother and baby after the first few days of giving birth.

5. A Baby Knows His/Her Mother’s Scent

Ever thought about how attracted your baby is to your scent? Well, babies are very attracted to their mother’s scent. It’s more of an unadorned bodily smell. So if there was a time where you happened to skip a shower, don’t worry about it too much. They love the natural scent you give off. And the smell of a mother is what newborns love the most.


If your baby is addicted to smelling you, don’t freak out. Just remember that it’s a normal thing. Your baby is in love with your scent, and there’s nothing you can do about it. The ability to recognize your scent can play a big role in your baby’s social development. Your baby is starting to learn everything about the world, which includes you and other people. Once your baby understands who you are, they will eventually develop feelings of attachment.

Remember, your smell will always make your baby feel more secure. So don’t assume that your baby smelling you all the time is such a bad thing. Or if you don’t think it’s a bad thing and thinks it’s annoying instead, ease up a little bit. Helping your baby feel secure is the best thing you can do especially if you want to achieve a healthy bond with them.

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