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6 Tips If Your Baby Is Obsessed With Tags

    Babies’ eyes wander! That is a fact. They can be intrigued by anything that hangs, flies by, or is at arms reach. You should not be surprised if your child has an eye for a tag or two. You may be a little worried, however, if your child is acting obsessed with tags. Children can find items that they become fixated on, and they will not pull away from them no matter what you do to deter them. This is distressing for you. There are ways to help. It may take a little time and effort, but there is help for your situation. This article offers some of that help that you may have been searching for. You will find five helpful tips and tricks if you continue to read that will rescue your baby from his or her tag obsession.

    1. Divert Attention When Possible

    The first answer to any obsession would be immediately trying to divert the attention of your child. Make sure that you have something that your child can pay attention to when they must come in contact with tags. When going into the store. Bring an Ipad or cellphone where they can watch something that will take their attention away from those tags that they want to pull. Pulling those tags in a store would not be nice. It would most definitely get you and your child in trouble. Shopping would be a nightmare for all parties involved, so it makes sense to plan and be sure to come prepared to keep your child occupied in situations like this.

    2. Hide The Tags

    OBVIOUS! This sounds easier than it is! It may be almost impossible to hide all of the tags around your home, but depending on how much of an obsession your child has, it may be worth a try. A child that is obsessed with touching and pulling tags is probably obsessed with other hanging items. Therefore you should make an effort to move and rearrange other things in the home that are hanging and look like tags. These will spark that feeling within your child. He or she will just have to touch them. They will not be able to resist the feeling. You can use the “out of sight, out of mind” method with this one and see if it works well with your child. Most children will begin to lose interest in their obsession if they are away from it more and more as time passes.

    If you find that your child becomes more and more agitated by not being able to see an item when being away from it, you may want to ask your health care provider about it. There may be a need to watch it more closely or see a counselor in the future. Most often, it is nothing that serious, but do not ignore it, if you find that it progresses to that point.

    3. Avoid Tags When Possible

    It may be difficult, but try to avoid tags when possible, if you need your child to steer clear of pulling tags. Practicing the avoidance method requires some effort on your part, but it is worth it, of course. You will reap the benefits when you begin to see your child growing out of this phase. Try to go clothes shopping when your child is in daycare or school. Any other places that you may encounter tags or items that hang; see if it is possible to do those when your child has other places to be as well.

    4. Be Creative About Tags

    It may be a stretch, but it never hurts to create a story to explain to your child why they should not pull tags. Many parents go with their scare tactics, but some find that rather cruel. You may prefer using a more friendly method that may give the tags names or characteristics similar to humans where they will feel as if they are harming them if they pull them. This will help your child feel as if they are helping them if they leave them alone and do not pull them off. If they continue to pull them away, you can insist that they will be punished if they are old enough to understand.

    5. Embrace It

    If you are like many parents, this may not be as bad as so many make it. These obsessions could bring you tons of laughs. A child who loves to see their child grab at every tag they see in the store is hilarious, right? Isn’t it a hoot to see your baby flip and flop at a person who passes by with a belt that hangs? If you find it funny, then you should make the most of it. Take pictures, post on social media, and encourage other parents who are taking their lives much too seriously. Your child could be just a bit of sunshine that they need to come across their timeline so that they can continue with life as they know it. Spread your lighthearted attitude for all to see.

    6. Is your baby’s obsession with tags related to sleep?

    Babies often try to touch or manifest in the real world whatever they dream about. The internet is full of information to help you figure out if your baby is dreaming about tags. It’s actually quite common for babies to dream about random items, including tags. To understand more about how your baby’s sleep can be related to a tag obsession, click that link.


    Your child may battle with many obsessions throughout his or her life. It is just a part of them growing up. You will have to learn how to get them through it. It will be a challenge, but something that you can work through. Your child will appreciate the effort that you put towards helping them overcome whatever they are going through. Even if their little obsession is not quite so serious but is rather a silly trick and it is just slightly nerve-racking, if you take the time to focus on a solution, the result will be one that will make everyone in the home smile. Try the tips above, and you will be just fine.

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