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My Baby Is Making Me Angry – What Can I Do?

Mother is angry at her crying baby

Help! My Baby Is Making Me Angry.

There will come moments in your life when you notice that you are becoming increasingly angry with your baby or child.

Perhaps you get angry the night before you did not get enough sleep. Or maybe your baby is crying and won’t stop.

Either way, your life can be difficult at times. When this happens, you feel alone and helpless.

Fear not, here are some ways for you to find your inner peace once more:

1. Take a Moment For You!

The first thing that you should know is that taking a moment for yourself is okay.

Step outside and breathe in the fresh air.

Take your morning coffee cup and sit on your step and imagine yourself somewhere over the rainbow.

Take this time to practice breathing exercises that will help to calm your mood. When you no longer feel the tension building, head back inside and pick your baby up and try again.

This may take a few times before you feel like you are moving forward but that’s okay. Take as many breaks as you need.

2. Listen to Your Body

Your body will subtly give you some signs that will indicate if you are on edge or if you need to relax.

You might notice that your heart is beating hard or that you feel a headache coming on. This headache will be different than the one that you will get from a crying baby.

Remember that just as much as you are feeling the stress from the crying baby or fussy baby, they are feeling the tension in you as well. This can make it even harder to relieve the anger you feel toward your baby.

If a baby senses that you are upset, this can also make them on edge and upset as well. Listen to your body and take a few minutes to yourself.

3. Find Inner Peace For You and Baby

Maybe there is a favorite song that you like to sing to your little one at night right before you lay them down.

Maybe you have a routine that helps to put your little one to bed.

Remember that those same routines that work for your little one to feel relaxed and sleep are some of the same things that your own body needs. Just as your baby needs a routine to calm and soothe them, so do you.

Find something that will help soothe and calm you when the anger sets in. Maybe that is putting your baby down on the floor for tummy time and relaxing next to them with your favorite book… or even an audiobook!

When you do this, your mind is also focused on something while allowing you to de-stress. Its a win-win for you all the way around.

4. Check the Usual Suspects

It’s easy to get mad at your baby when he/she is crying and won’t stop. Learn how to recognize the reason your little one is showing signs of distress.

Here are the normal things to look for when trying to decide why your baby is crying:

  • wet
  • hungry
  • tired
  • fussy

If you have checked all these things and the baby is still fussing, think about how old they are.

Maybe the baby is teething and therefore is in pain. If this is the case, dab a small amount of  Baby Orajel on your finger and rub across their gums.

If you believe that it is the problem, try giving them a very small dose of Tylenol to help to take the pain away while keeping them safe from giving too much pain reliever.

Teething is a normal part of raising a baby. Keep in mind that not all babies will start teething at the same age.

Where most babies will start to grow teeth in around 4 months of age, there are some that will start earlier and some that will start much later.

Either way, it is normal for the baby to be fussy while teething. Just like in older children who have teeth coming in, it can be even more difficult to handle the pain as a baby.

From time to time, your baby may need medicine to help him/her feel better during teething.

5. Medicine is Your Friend

If you are suffering from postpartum depression, you should know that most mothers will feel this and suffer from it as well.4

This does not mean that you are a bad mother or that you are failing as a mother. Instead, it means you are like most other mothers who feel stressed or overwhelmed being a mother.

You should know that it is very important for you to speak with your doctor. A professional can help you find a way to cope with the everyday stress of being a parent.

Your doctor is able to write you a prescription for a medicine that may help you out during your battle with depression. This medicine might make you tired, so be sure to let your doctor know if it is making you too sleepy to focus and care for your baby.

If this is the case, work with your doctor until you find the right medication to help you stop being so mad at your baby.

6. Bad Mother? Not Likely!

Every so often, parents will feel like they are failing at the parenting job. Maybe you feel this way all the time, but it is important that you know that you are not alone.

You should find a mommy and me class to help you bond with other mothers who might be feeling the same way as you.

This is a wonderful way to let your baby experience closeness with other babies at a young age. Doing so can help to build strong relationships from an early age.

7. Look for Mother’s Day Out Programs

Mothers everywhere are using mothers-day-out programs to get out of the house without the little one at tow. This program will help you to learn separation from your child while making sure that they are being taken care of when not in your presence.

This is one way to allow for friendships to blossom while allowing you the time you need to shop, grab a coffee, see a movie, and so on.


All of these things will help you to learn anger and coping skills needed to be a successful parent in this day in age.

Take a moment to look at how you can be a successful parent while focusing on yourself. Remember, it’s okay to worry about yourself first. With time, you will stop being so angry at your baby.


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