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5 Tips If Your Baby Is Jealous of Your Husband

Babies get all of the attention! Or at least that’s what you tend to think. Baby sometimes doesn’t think that. He or she can be overcome by this jealousy that is so overwhelming that they can not handle it. It changes their personality and mood. It makes them agitated and unhappy. Something has to be done because there is no way they should feel like they are slighted. After all, they are the center of attention pretty much everywhere they go.

In this situation, you feel that your baby is jealous of your husband. More than likely, you found this article because your baby is acting out and showing signs that they feel neglected in some way because your hubby is getting more attention than they are. Read on to see how you can get to the bottom of the problem and solve some of your issues now before it gets any worse. You are a wife and mom, and you have to do both so that these tips will be a lifesaver for your household. If you do not handle this now, it can grow into a situation much worse.

1. Figure Out If There Is Any Truth To It

First things first: Is there any truth behind it? Is your baby feeling “rightfully” jealous? Are you showing your husband more attention than you are your child? This is not necessarily a bad thing. You may be making up for the attention that was diverted from your husband during the pregnancy or childbirth. You may be giving his extra attention because he has had to work long hours. After all, you have been off work for maternity leave, preparing for the baby. There are many reasons that this could be true.

On the other hand, there are ways to balance your attention so that it doesn’t feel as if you are neglecting either. Divide time up. Give your child time during the day and give your husband time during the nights. You may even find that you are not neglecting anyone in the beginning. If this is the case, then move forward, just as you are, and continue reading.

2. Give Your Husband & Baby Some Alone Time

So you think your baby is jealous of your husband? The starting place after the admission is to give them some time alone. This will allow them time to try to build a bond. A bond between them will most likely help so that your baby will not feel like a separate entity when the three of you are all together. There will be no need to be jealous because it will just feel like you all belong together. If your child has a special bond with mom and then with dad, then when everyone gets together, it is just a big plus.

Alone time with your husband will also fuel the fact that your baby will want some time alone with you as well. When you get this time with your baby, it will allow him or her to want some time away from you as well, just like he or she will want some away from your husband. Those factors will make it much easier for the baby to feel less jealous of any alone time that you may want with your husband.

3. Be Patient

This goes without saying. Your baby is a baby, of course. He or she does not completely understand where these emotions are coming from. All they know is that they are feeling neglected or that your husband is getting the attention that they feel is theirs. Although this is frustrating for you, you have to be patient. You have to act in a manner that your child’s age of comprehension will understand. You have to show your child that you love them and that you are not giving away anything that is rightfully theirs. Take time to play games and do all of the things that you normally do with your child, even when they are frustrated. This will insist that you are here for them and that their time is not being taken away or given away to anyone else. The root of jealousy in a child stems from a natural human emotion and shouldn’t be punished. That is why the key to this entire situation is teaching a child to deal with it.

4. Ask Questions

There is a wealth of information out there, but best for this subject might be the people that you pass every day. At church, in your office, at the grocery store, or the ball game, you will find mothers. These mothers have probably encountered some of the same things that you are going through. You will find the best way to deal with this situation by reaching out. Just mention to a friend while sitting at the park about what is going on, and see if they have encountered anything such as what you are going through. You will be surprised at just how similar their situations are. It will blow you away at just how creative their solutions are as well. They have probably tried it all. They will have a list a mile long and will save you much of the trial and error. Be open and honest.

5. Involve Your Husband

You may be used to solving your issues with or without him, but this is a situation that you could use a little of his input. You need to know what his take is on it. He can see it from a different perspective. Maybe he thinks you are over-reacting, and nothing is wrong at all. That is probably not the case, but if he feels that, it is important to know. It will take the actions of both of you to move forward on this situation, and the starting point is your husband. Have a conversation with him and come up with a pretty detailed came to plan. Your course of action will depict your outcome.


Babies have a little jealousy in them just because they are used to being the complete focal point, but they shouldn’t get all out of sorts about it. If this is happening because he or she is jealous of your husband, try some of the tips mentioned above. These tips will help release that jealousy and bring the relationship of all three of you so much closer.

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