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5 Tips If Your Baby Hates Tummy Time

Many mommies prefer tummy time. But many babies have feelings that are quite the opposite. Over the years, parents are turning to tummy time to strengthen their children’s backs and necks. This time is also said to avoid causing flat spots on the back of your babies’ heads at the beginning of development. If your baby happens to be one of the ones who are not particularly fond of this time, there are many ways to engage them so that they will enjoy it a bit more. It may be a challenge at first, but be patient and be creative, you can do it. Read further and see what tips this article has to offer as you tackle this little challenge your baby has set out for you on your mommy journey.

1. Get Down & Dirty With Your Baby

As a mom, you live your life on the floor. This will not change when trying to incorporate a little tummy time in your baby’s life. If your baby is not feeling tummy time, one of the best ways is to get down there with them. They will more than likely stay longer if they have you down there staring them in the face. This makes it much easier for them not to cry or yearn to be picked up. They will enjoy that pit of time on their bellies. You can talk to them and sing to them to take up time and help the time pass while secretly allowing them to use up their tummy time.

Before you know it, tummy time will become a way of life and one of their favorite things to do at a certain time of day each day.

2. Start From The Beginning

The best way to make something a habit with your baby is to start it at the beginning. If you haven’t heard of this, this may very well be the best tip anyone will ever give you. As a new mom, practice this with everything you do. Anything you want your child to do, start it from the time you bring them home from the hospital. Start your child as early as humanly possible and safe with tummy time. That should be about two weeks old in this case. They will be accustomed to it and will think that its a way of life. You see, they don’t know anything else. This will be all that they know since they came into the world, so they can’t fuss about something that they don’t know anything different.

If you wait until a child is three months and start trying to do tummy time, your child has developed a personality and may resist much more than if he or she was a couple of weeks old. It is much easier the earlier you start.

3. Change The Scenery

We preach consistency and stability with children all the time, but children get bored, just like adults. They need you to shake it up from time to time. Try switching scenery for them when doing tummy time if they seem to be agitated. You can do this by switching rooms in the house each day> It doesn’t have to be anything major, but if you feel like doing more, you can get a blanket and go outside on the lawn. You can also go to the park. They will enjoy being outside if the weather is cool. Just be creative to keep your child calm for the time that he or she has to remain on their tummy.

4. Make Things Fun

Tummy time can be boring for your baby because they are limited in their motions. They are not moving around very much at this age. You can use mirrors so that they can see themselves and make faces to entertain themselves. Also, consider using music in the room to keep your child’s attention. They will love having the room brighten up with some of their favorite suns. Another great idea while the baby is on his or her tummy is to use television with some tummy time videos that may encourage them in ways that will show them how to enjoy their tummy time. You can find these on YouTube. Whatever you use, just remember to keep it fun so that your baby doesn’t get bored and dread the time that he or she has to do this each day.

5. Use Props

Props are great for everything that children do. The key to tummy time props is that they need to be items that children do not want to touch and play with so that they will only look and laugh at. As a mommy, you are probably well versed in the art of puppet show hands. Use those mommy’s hands and do a full puppet show for baby so that he or she can stay entertained through their tummy time. They will be so excited about getting to do tummy time each day before you know it.


Not all babies can be coaxed into tummy time, no matter what you do. It is well worth a try, though. As a mommy, you sometimes have to put energy into things that you feel your baby needs to do to see if they will be interested in if it is in their best interest. They may end up loving it. They may never take to the act. Honestly, in the end, it is still a win because you will know something new about your child. If tummy time is of interest to you and your child try to:

  • Get Down & Dirty With Your Baby
  • Start From The Beginning
  • Change The Scenery
  • Make Things Fun
  • Use Props

After you have given all of these suggestions a try, you should have a sweet baby who enjoys their tummy time.

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