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Help! My Baby Won’t Keep Her Socks On!

Baby Won’t Wear Socks?

Socks. Unless you live somewhere super tropical like Hawaii, you’re probably wearing socks… and so is your baby.

But what if he or she doesn’t? What if wearing socks is the bane of your little one’s existence on this Earth?

Never fear! You’re not alone. Sure, socks can be annoying… especially the smelly kind. But how can you help your baby wear socks when he/she really doesn’t want to?

Let’s face it. Some occasions call for socks. Here are some tips on how to help your baby leave his/her socks on:

1. Consider allergies.

It’s possible your baby is allergic to the material his/her sock is made of. Socks are made in a variety of different materials, such as cotton, acrylic, wool, nylon, and more. If your baby is allergic to wool, for example, those socks aren’t staying on the baby’s feet anytime soon.

To help you diagnose this problem, buy a pair of socks in each variety of materials. If your baby eventually leaves his/her socks on, you’ll quickly discover the cause of your baby’s sock displeasure. You may even consider taking your baby to an allergist.

2. Your baby just needs to deal with it.

Sorry, this may not be what you were hoping to hear. However, your baby is just that – a baby. If you want your baby to wear socks, then YOU have to be the one to get the job done.

I had a friend who had a little daughter who’d constantly kick off her socks. It took her about a week, but she eventually got used to her socks.

3. Or just forget about socks.

Don’t let those judgy parents on the playground and everywhere else in life get the best of you. If your baby doesn’t want to wear socks and you’re ok with it, then so be it! It’s ok. Your baby is going to thrive and do just fine in life with or without socks.

You’ll have to decide what the struggle is worth to you. Pick your battles. If you’re forcing your baby to wear socks just because you don’t want to be judged, then you’ve picked the wrong battle. If your baby is comfortable being barefoot, meet him/her in the middle. Which brings us to our next point…

4. Get different shoes!

Don’t make this situation more stressful than it needs to be. If your baby won’t wear socks, perhaps there’s a problem with the shoes too. 

5. Are you putting ridiculous socks on your baby?

Let’s get real. Sometimes we love our little one so much that we might just go over the top a smidge.

So you know those socks with bells on them? Um… well. Don’t do that if you want your baby to wear socks.

The same goes for those socks with ruffles upon ruffles upon ruffles. If your baby’s socks look like a tiered wedding dress, let’s just say no. Mmmk?

6. Is it genetic?

Do you hate socks? Does your spouse hate socks? If you come from a sock hating family, it’s no wonder your baby won’t wear socks! Don’t ask your baby to do something that you won’t. If hating socks just runs in the blood, then it is what it is.

7. Maybe your baby is trying to spite you.

Did you upset your baby somehow lately? Yes, your baby may be trying to seek revenge on you. Don’t assume those cute little faces are always so innocent!

If your baby used to enjoy wearing socks and no longer does, start thinking about what you did that may have upset your little one. Just like an unhappy cat, your baby knows how to make your life hard if he/she wants to.

8. Pray. Hard.

Seriously, it might be the only thing you can do. Sometimes a baby is just a pain in the behind and it is what it is. If that’s the situation you’ve found yourself in, then it’s time for you to accept your fate and deal with it. Trying to force your baby to be something he/she isn’t is like trying to force a square through a circle – it ain’t gonna happen!

9. Accept it!

Accept your baby for the drooling, cute, ooey-gooey bundle of joy he/she is! Don’t worry about socks. Unless you’re taking your baby to a wedding or to a funeral that has a strict dress code, chances are not wearing socks will be just fine. Why overwhelm yourself with something you can’t fix?

Stay strong, Mommy and Daddy. This too shall pass.

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