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Why Is My Baby Grunting During Sleep?


Is your baby grunting during sleep?

There’s nothing more precious than a newborn. Your little bundle of joy is perfection. You want to spend every waking moment with them and cannot get enough. You will notice many things that are cause for alarm, but they may have you questioning what’s going on with your child. One of these things is when baby is grunting in sleep. You want to make sure your newborn is safe, and this odd noise can be quite unsettling. Well, there’s no need to worry. Making noises is just a way that they are expressing themselves.

Is Making Noises Normal During Rest?

You may feel that you are the only one who has a child that is vocal while they are asleep. When the baby is grunting in sleep, it’s just part of this stage in their life. There is nothing abnormal about being vocal when they are entering the REM stage of sleep, and grunting may not be the only sound you hear. You may find that they make many noises, and some of them can surprise you. You may wonder how such a big noise came out of such a small baby.

Some babies are very still and don’t make a peep during their sleep. Others tend to move a great deal and communicate through their sounds. If baby is grunting in sleep, then it can be caused by several things, but most of them are harmless. Have you ever noticed your child jerking during their rest period? Their moro reflex causes them to move about when they are asleep. Don’t worry; this goes away as their body continues to develop. It should be gone by the time they are around three months of age.

Are They Breathing Right When They Are Grunting?

As a new parent, your mind will automatically go to the worst thoughts when you hear a noise that doesn’t sound right. You may feel that when baby is grunting in sleep, it’s a sign they are not breathing correctly. Babies have periodic breathing, and it’s hard for parents to understand. It’s breathing that occurs in cycles. For instance, when they breathe, it gets faster and more profound, then it shifts and becomes slower and lighter.

Another thing alarming to new parents is that a baby takes pauses in their breaths. They can rest for up to five seconds in-between. If you don’t understand the cycle, then you may think something is wrong. As they begin to age, they will develop a more mature pattern of breathing, but this may cause you a great deal of angst every time you hear them sigh as they start their breathing cycle over again.

If a baby wasn’t breathing right, there would be signs of distress. For instance, they would gasp for air, turn blue in areas, and cough as they tried to get air. When baby is grunting in sleep, it has nothing to do with a lack of oxygen.

Is My Child Getting Too Much Sleep?

One of the first questions that new parents ask their pediatrician is if their newborn is sleeping too much. When baby is grunting in sleep, it may think that they’re getting poor sleep quality.

It’s hard to comprehend with an adult schedule of six to eight hours each night how a baby can sleep the day away. The fact is that a baby needs almost two times the amount of sleep that their parents do. It’s because their little bodies are still developing, and the maturing process is quite exhausting.

Don’t be alarmed if your child sleeps around 16 hours each day. Another reason why they sleep so much is that they are constantly waking up for a feeding. On average, an infant will awaken every two hours for nourishment. As they begin to age, they will be able to go up to four hours without waking.

Remember how you feel when you are always be awoken during the night. You feel tired like you didn’t get near enough sleep, and you need to crawl back under the covers. Your baby feels the same way. They sleep, but it’s restless since their need for food takes center stage. When baby is grunting in sleep, it may be a sign they are waking to be fed.

Where Is The Best Place For Baby To Sleep?

One reason why baby is grunting in sleep could be that they are not comfortable. There are many different places that a baby can sleep, but the best place to put your newborn to bed is in their crib. Now, keep in mind there are many different opinions on the matter, and there is no right or wrong answer.

Some parents believe in co-sleeping. It’s perfect for mothers that are nursing to have their child near. There is a couple of things that make this arrangement less than ideal. First, if a child is sleeping with the parents, then it’s interrupting their relationship. Second, as the child grows older, they need to be independent in their rest. If they are so accustomed to sleeping with mom and dad, then they will have a hard time transitioning.

You should never hold your baby while they sleep. Sure, if baby is grunting in sleep, you may feel it will help. If you continuously hold them while they are sleeping, then they will expect it. You cannot hold your child every time they need to sleep. It’s impossible.

The best arrangement is to have the baby in a bassinet beside the bed. This allows nursing moms to have them close, and the baby feels the comfort in being near their parents. The child should be transitioned into their crib as they age. By having them near, if baby is grunting in sleep, then you can make sure everything is okay.

Keeping The Climate Good For Baby

During the winter months, you may prefer a cooler room. However, your newborn needs to have a constant temperature of around 65 degrees. Bundle them up with sleepers as you cannot use blankets until they are out of the risk of SIDS. Did you know that if your room is too hot that it can increase the chance that the baby has SIDS?

One of the things that many parents do is feel their baby’s feet and think they are cold. Rather than putting socks on their feet, they crank up the heat in the room. To check the comfort level of your child, make sure to touch the back of the neck. If baby is too warm, this is the location that will show it the most as they will sweat. One of the reasons why baby is grunting in sleep could be they are too warm or too cold. Checking their comfort level can help you to know if it needs to be adjusted to help them have a less fitful rest.

Will Swaddling Help A Grunting Newborn?

If your baby needs a little help getting rest, swaddling is an old-fashioned technique that helps them to feel at ease. The security of their parents’ arms along with a nice blanket is all they need to drift off into dreamland. If they are a child that is jerking while they sleep, swaddling can help to calm those harsh movements too.

The reason why swaddling is such a great thing is that it’s kind of like the new weighted blankets that everyone raves about. It puts light pressure on them that makes them feel more secure. It’s very similar to the sensation they felt while inside the womb, so most enjoy it. Don’t be alarmed if your child doesn’t like swaddling. If baby is grunting in sleep while you are trying to snuggle them, it can also be a sign that they prefer to be less constricted.

Dreaming The Day Away

One of the reasons why your baby may be making noises is that they are dreaming. Adults don’t dream near as much as infants. Did you know that you dream about 20 percent of the time, but your baby dreams more than 50 percent? If you consider that they sleep about 16 hours, that means that eight of those hours could be spent in dreamland. This could be one of the reasons why they make noises or have movements. They are simply in another time and place while they are at rest.

Conclusion: Avoid Being On High Alert

Parents are often on high alert when they bring a baby home from the hospital. However, as they grow and become accustomed to their various sounds and their schedule, then you will become less concerned with every whimper. In time, a small baby grunt won’t mean anything to you. They grow and change so fast that if you are constantly fretting over every noise, you will forget to enjoy the time at hand.

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