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8 Tips If Your Baby Girl Has Discharge

There are a lot of things that they don’t talk about when you are at the hospital having a baby. One of these things may be that your baby girl has some discharge in her vagina. Baby girl’s parts are especially sensitive and can often have reactions to the harshness of the new world. There are so many other things to think about and talk about at the hospital that this often gets forgotten. As baby girls grow, it becomes more concerning to see discharge. Consider these things about a baby girl with discharge.

1. Newborn Discharge

When you get home from the hospital and are doing your first solo diaper change, you may notice it. Also, you may notice that her baby girl parts are even a little swollen. Newborns have to process hormones just like mom does. So one way that their body processes out hormones are by swelling the vagina and discharge. This is completely normal. Some baby girls even bleed a little. A baby hormonal period is basically what it is. Discharge at the newborn stage is completely normal. If your newborn does have a little discharge, do not clean it completely away. It is good for the balance of the body to have the discharge in theirs.

2. Toddler Discharge

As your baby ages, you will see a lessening in the swollenness of your baby girls’ vagina and a decrease in discharge. This is because as they grow, their hormones work out, and their hormonal body acts more like a child. However, if there is something else going on, you may see discharge again. Always check with your pediatrician if you see an increase in discharge accompanied by your toddler grabbing at her vagina or itching. When your child is a toddler, and an infant just uses baby wipes to wipe any feces out. Make sure always to wipe front to back.

3. Yeast Infections

Newborns and breastfeeding infants are more likely to get yeast infections. This is because they can pass it back and forth, orally between mothers’ nipple and the baby’s mouth. So do not be alarmed if your child develops a yeast infection. Symptoms can include a bright red diaper rash in the creases of the skin and white on the tongue. If this is the case, then visit your pediatrician, and they can get you cream and medication to help.

4. Creams and Lotions

When your baby comes home with perfect soft baby skin, every parent wants to keep it that way. However, many different lotions and the chemicals within them can cause side effects such as discharge. Another thing to think about is if your toddler maybe has sat in something or put something in her vagina that is irritating. During exploration, a little girl may find her vagina and be tempted to put something in it. Or if she sat in something during play like a puddle, there may have been something in the puddle that irritated her vagina.

5. Pinworms

Pinworms are also very common among little kids. They are typically found in the anus, but their presence can irritate the entire system. Pinworms are commonly passed through food and very common to be passed around little kids. So if your child goes to any type of child care, the potential is there for them to contract pinworms. Consider it if your older child is suffering discharge.

6. Care

If your newborn or toddler has a mild amount of discharge and a pediatrician has deemed it normal, then be sure that you are helping your toddler clean and care for her body. Help your toddler take a shower or bath and use a gentle soap. Be sure not to use anything too harsh. You don’t want to kill the good bacteria in her body.

Also, have your toddler eat yogurt often. It is also good to supplement with probiotics. This can help your toddler’s gut be happy, which will make a happy vagina.

7. Baths

Some girl’s bodies are just more sensitive than others. Some little girls cannot take baths. Baths throw off the bacterial growth and can cause yeast infections and other problems. If your baby or toddler seems to be having repetitive vaginal infections, then consider showering them versus bathing them. If they are little enough, they can’t shower, then consider just pouring water over them versus immersing them.

8. How to Know

It can be difficult to know what is normal discharge and what is a sign of infection. There are a few simple ways to know this. If your toddler is grabbing or itching her vagina, then it may be an infection. If you look, is her vagina swollen or irritated? Then it might be an infection. If she is having burning when urinating, then it is likely an infection of some type. If the discharge is a color other than white, then it may be an infection. It is always best to speak with your pediatrician when in doubt. A doctor’s office has a super simple test that can ensure that your baby girl is healthy. If you are in doubt, it is best just to take her to the doctor and be sure. Yeast infections and vaginal infections are uncomfortable and can cause major problems.


When you have a little girl, there are a few more things that have to be considered when it comes to caring for their body. When it comes to newborns, a little discharge can be completely normal. However, if you are in doubt, then it is good to check with your pediatrician at a check-up. The lingering mother’s hormones can cause discharge and even a little blood in your baby newborn girl. These are all normal things. As your child ages, the discharge is a little more concerning. Consider all these facts and sources when learning about your new baby.

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