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5 Tips If Your Baby Doesn’t Like Daycare

If you plan to have a normal working life after giving birth, you will probably have to send your baby to daycare. It costs money and a lot of and therefore you would like for your baby to enjoy it. Sometimes that isn’t the case. Babies often do not like their daycare. This leaves parents distraught as they have to drop their children off day after day. Their babies have to stay hours at a time. Parents feel so low about it but feel helpless as if there is not much that they can do about it. After all, they have to work, and their child has to have a place to be safely cared for. Take a look at some of these helpful tips if you find that you have to continue to work, and your child doesn’t like his or her daycare.

1. Get to the Bottom of the Problem

The place to start is finding out just why your child doesn’t like the daycare. It could be as simple as the fact that they are children who do not go away from home often. If that is the case, they will eventually adjust as they get used to being away. If the problem is teachers are mistreating them, this will be a little harder. You may have to do some detective work to find it out. If your child is old enough to talk, ask questions. If they can not talk, then pay attention to body language or emotions. You may also need to meet with the teacher and administration. Pop-up visits are a must in a situation where your child does not like a daycare. They should have an open-door policy, so don’t give them a warning, and you will get a clear picture.

Report any issues to the administration if you find anything. Also, with ever-growing technology, many daycares have cameras that parents can access from home to check in at random throughout the day. Ask if this is an option. This may help you find that your child has an issue with a particular child in the daycare or that he or she does not like the food. If you can find the problem, then you can brainstorm a solution.

2. Practice the Daycare Routine at Home

Another helpful solution to your child, not liking the daycare environment in general, is to practice the routine at home. Children often thrive off of stability and consistency. If you can make their day at home much like that at daycare with naps and lunch at a table, they may not feel as if they are going to jail when you drop them off. It will require some change on your part. This change will help you in the long run because it will relieve some of your stress. Your child will be much happier, and you will worry less while away.

3. Drop Your Child Off At The Door

You will have mixed reviews about this solution. Most people will want to walk their child farther in the door if they are having a hard time coping with being somewhere, but this is not the answer. It just prolongs the issue. If you talk to daycare staff, they will probably tell you that as soon as you leave, the child stops crying and adjusts to doing what they need to do. So the fact that you stay longer walks the child farther in the classroom sit for a while, and all of that just makes it worse. Try getting your child safely to the nearest point in the door and saying quick goodbyes and then leaving. This will soon be the routing, and the adjustment will be made on both ends.

4. Send Items From Home That Will Make Them Feel More Comfortable

Daycare age children take naps and have the opportunity to have stuffed animal time. They also get books read to them, so why not send your child’s favorite blanket, stuffed animal, or book. They will sleep well. Your child will play as if they are at home and be content during storytime because they are listening to a very familiar story. Sometimes the daycare even allows for the child to bring toys from home for recess or “Show & Tell,” which makes them feel even more comfortable. As your child grows older, they begin to spend so much time during the day with others in places like daycare and school, that you have to find ways that they can feel as comfortable there as they do at home.

5. Change Daycares

If you can’t get to the bottom of the problem, the last resort is to make a big change. You just may have to look for another daycare. Sometimes it is no reason behind why a child just does not like a particular daycare. They just never warm up to that daycare. This may seem a little over the top, but it may be needed. You have to decide if your child is unhappy enough to consider looking for another place that he or she can be more comfortable. If you make that choice, then be certain to do the research first. Let your child visit the daycare. Ask if he or she can do a trial run for a day to see if they like it. Maybe pick a daycare where there is someone you know who works there. Or even a daycare that is very close to your job where you can stop by on lunch to check-in.


Your baby may never completely love daycare. Many never will; after all, it is a form of school. There are, however, ways to help your child become better acquainted with it.

  • Get to the Bottom of the Problem
  • Practice the Daycare Routine at Home
  • Drop Your Child Off At The Door
  • Send Items From Home That Will Make Them Feel More Comfortable
  • Change Daycares

Daycare is just one of those parts of life that many children have to endure, try those tips and tricks to see if you can make it a little better for your child.

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