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My Baby Doesn’t Like the Crib!

All babies are different and like different things in all aspects like food, sports, toys, music, dancing, etc., but one main issue that some parents have is when their baby doesn’t like his crib. Here we will give you some ideas of what to do so your baby fall in love with his crib. In the beginning, it might be a challenge, and probably there will be days where you’ll feel defeated, but eventually, he is going to love his crib.

Is it a case of needing space?

Some parents sleep with their newborn babies, while others choose to put them in their crib right away. Both choices are good. Placing the baby in the crib right away does not make you a bad parent. Every little decision that you make will be a controversial topic. Some experts will say that sleeping with your baby will cause SIDS, which is the sudden unexplained death of a child, and it is caused because you could fall asleep and suffocate the baby.

Some experts advise placing your baby in the crib right away, firstly, to avoid SIDS and second because the more time you sleep with your child, the harder it will be for him to be alone in a crib. Another issue to be addressed is that moms and dads also want their space and time alone, so the best option is to put the baby in their crib, but here’s what often happens is that the baby doesn’t like his crib and refuses to sleep in it.

Understanding what your baby needs

Babies need all the love and attention of their parents, and some babies require more attention, or simply they love being with their parents, so the crib might be a problem for some of them.

Just by imagining what a baby feels when he is sleeping with their parents, and suddenly he is placed in a different place alone, it is obvious that is going to be difficult for him to adapt to this unknown place regardless how expensive the mattress, the crib, and the toys are. Patience is the key. Let the baby feel safe and don’t give up, remember one day at a time.

Do’s and Dont’s

Believe it or not, without knowing, parents make mistakes without knowing, and one of them is crucial to get your baby sleep in his crib. Have you ever used the crib as a time out place? Well, if you have babies often can feel emotions, and if you are unsure or not comfortable with him being there, he would sense it and won’t like it either.

Sometimes the bigger the crib, the bigger the problem. Wide cribs can make babies feel disoriented and confused as they can’t feel coziness. So opt for smaller cribs and try to make the room as comfortable as possible. What you definitely must do is stay a long amount of time with him while he is asleep. Staying a little longer makes the baby feel safe and, more importantly, loved.

Tips and Tricks

Consistency is the key to success! We understand that babies need a lot of attention, and we would like things to be easier while raising a child. Some tricks that you could use to help your baby sleep in the crib even though he hates it is to put the car seat inside the crib, let him get used to his new bed, the surroundings, everything that is on the room and because babies love car seats it is a very easy way to trick the baby causing him ease.

Use the crib more often and make sure the blankets are comfortable. You could also use a sleeping sack or try to swaddle the baby. The important thing here is to help your baby understand that the crib is his place and that you are there for him all the time. Make sure to respond as quickly as possible when he wakes up, so he does not feel lonely and unattended.

Some things take time

Babies can get used to everything during the time. Some of them will take days, and other babies will take months to get used to their cribs, but eventually, it will happen, so don’t despair sooner or later, your baby will be sleeping all night in his crib. Try a bedtime routine to help your baby fall asleep faster, and it is a good way to let him know that the crib is his place to rest.

Keywords might also work with this type of situation, meaning that you could use certain words before putting him into his crib so he can associate these keywords with bedtime and crib. Remember to explain everything thing to your baby. He can understand you and always, no matter what, stay calm, be consistent, and patient.

Training your baby to sleep in his crib is one of the toughest things to do because it requires a lot of patience, and some babies may cry a lot during the process, and this could cause a lot of stress. Just remember that your baby is not the only one dealing with hating their crib, but eventually, they will fall in love and, more importantly, sleep.


Do not feel overwhelmed by the fact that your baby doesn’t like his crib. Try to use some of the tricks and tips so he can get used to it, and no matter what, do not make the crib as the time out the place because your baby will not associate bedtime with the crib but instead a place for punishment.

Babies can be difficult at times, but they also are the cutest thing in the world, and the reciprocity of love should be the only thing that makes you want to be a better mom and make everything in your hands to make him feel safe and loved. Even if your baby doesn’t like his crib now, after a few days of training, you will notice some changes. It shouldn’t take long for him to adapt.

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