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My Baby Doesn’t Like Covers!

The first thing you do when you grab a baby from the time they enter this world is to cover them with a blanket. This is what you were taught.

You get a million baby blankets and receiving blankets at the baby shower.


Because you were taught that all babies are cold, and they need to be covered all day long.

They want to be swaddled and comforted by keeping them tightly covered.

Some babies are cold-natured and sleep much better when they are warm and cozy, but some babies may be agitated when they are covered with blankets.

Keep reading to see just why your baby might not prefer your blankets and what to do about it.

There are even a few tips to help find out what is the best course of action if you run into any of these problems.

Get creative with how you’re covering your baby.

If you feel your home is a bit cool for your baby, and they need a blanket, even though they do not want to be covered, you might have to get creative.

You will know your child best. You know your home best. Some mothers place thick blankets underneath their baby in their crib to get heat from below so that they will have some warmth.

This allows the baby to be around the blanket even if they won’t allow them to have it around them.

Many other creative ways are mentioned by mothers in this forum, where mothers have babies who refuse to be wrapped in blankets.

Adjust the temperature to avoid covers.

Sometimes your baby may be hot and doesn’t want covers on them. If they don’t allow that, you can choose to cool your home a bit to get them to allow you to put the blankets on them. You can also choose to keep the blankets off and warm your home a bit more.

You are doing two different acts but achieving the same outcome… keeping your baby warm. That is all that you are concerned with. There is nothing in the books that says you have to cover your child with a blanket.

The ultimate task is to keep your child warm. If you can accomplish that by doing so without a blanket, then you win. Your child will be happy either way as long as he is happy and healthy.

Check for allergies or irritants in the covers.

Have you thought to check and see if the blankets you are using could ignite allergies in your child?

They could be irritating to your baby’s very sensitive skin. It doesn’t take much to cause a baby’s skin to itch, but if a child has allergies of some kind, this can be even more stressful.

Blankets can be itchy or scratchy, and a baby of certain ages has no way of expressing that to you. They will act out and merely show you by not wanting to be covered by the blanket.

You can find out by changing the type or style of blanket that you are using to see if this is the issue.

Furthermore, you may also want to inspect your child for whelps, bumps, or scratches.

You may even take it a bit further and take your baby to see an allergist or immunologist for some testing.

The physician can identify specific allergies and recommend a course of action for you.

Replace heavy covers with light sheets for your baby.

A simple solution to your child not liking his or her covers, is often just replacing them with a light sheet.

Light sheets allow for more air to come through while still leaving the child covered.

Your child will be warm at night, and that will make you feel better, but he or she will not feel too warm or too cold.

More than likely, your child will not have an allergy to the sheets’ material, and you can change those sheets at any time.

You will not be worried about your child being wrapped or smothered in the lightweight material as much as you may have been in a thick covering. You can even use a space heater if you cover your child’s sheets because they will not be too warm.

Don’t stress if your baby hates covers!

This is probably easier said than done. After all, you are a mom, and this is what mom’s do, but don’t stress. Your baby not wanting his or her covers is not the worst thing that they could be doing. You will more than likely encounter bigger issues.

If you find that the reason behind your child not wanting his covers is as a result of something else, then you can make bigger moves, but for now, just watch. If none of the solutions mentioned before work, it’s okay, just watch.


As previously mentioned, a baby not wanting to be covered by their blanket is not the worst thing that can happen, but it is understandable as to why a parent would worry. Mothers should try to get to the bottom of the reason why it is going on.

There may be something that can be corrected. It may stem from an allergy to the fabric or even being overheated. Sometimes a child is just a little naughty.

This seems to be difficult for a parent to accept, but it is a plausible reason that some children do not want to be covered. Some children feel restricted and do not want that.

When things out of your control happen, and it is not causing any harm to your child, there is no reason for action. This will cause yourself undue stress to continue to try to figure out how to make your child accept a blanket that they may not want or even need for that matter.

You can focus on the big things.

I am sure you have heard it before, and this will not be the last time: don’t sweat the small stuff!

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