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Did Your Baby Break a Mirror? When to Worry

    Step on a crack, break your mother’s back. Break a mirror? Seven years of bad luck. We’ve all heard these. So, it’s obvious why you’re concerned that your baby broke a mirror. Not to mention, this can be a very scary experience involving sharp glass! Sit tight with us, concerned parents. We are going to walk you through everything you need to know if your baby broke a mirror. We are going to explore all angles of this topic, from the superstitious to the very real physical dangers.

    Let me start by telling you the story of Deanne who suffered the misfortune of her baby breaking a mirror. The event even impacted her relationship with her husband! Does that mean you’re actually going to get bad luck now? How about we let you be the judge of that?

    She wrote us the following.

    Is my baby cursed for breaking a mirror?

    “I am so freaked out! I just broke a mirror for the first time in my entire life and I don’t know what to do about it. Well, my baby actually broke the mirror but I am the one who handed it to him. My baby and I both kinda broke the mirror at the same time.

    So at the supermarket, my husband saw one of those 12x small magnifying mirrors. He said he wanted it for shaving or something like that. Ok, whatever. So I gave it to my baby to hold because he loves looking at himself in mirrors. Immediately when giving it to him, he SMACKS it with a squeegee handle we were buying, and the mirror breaks. I feel so bad for even letting my baby hold those items in the first place.

    My husband told me I cursed our family now because the next day my baby wasn’t feeling the best. We are a slightly religious family and he even went as far as to say he thinks I unleashed something darker. I don’t know what to make of this situation. I feel like maybe I’m overthinking it?

    I’m so afraid that I attracted some sort of bad energy. Will I actually have bad luck for 7 years now? Is my innocent baby going to have bad luck just for breaking a mirror? Should I be this worried that my baby broke a mirror? What should I do about my husband?

    Please help!”

    Your baby might experience bad luck after breaking a mirror.

    Let’s be honest. Who are we to say otherwise? The superstition exists for a reason. We received letters like this (and some more we will share below) for a reason. Keep in mind, there are parents who break mirrors and experience zero repercussions. The important thing is that you’re aware of this.

    Monitor your baby’s sleep after the mirror breaks.

    Breaking a mirror can be scary. Sometimes even scarier than breaking the mirror is your reaction. Your baby will pick up on changes in your mood. Your little one might be having sleep problems after breaking a mirror. If that is the case, please check out Baby Sleep Workshop to stop your baby from having nightmares.

    Depending on how superstitious you are, you may want to play some baby sleep music also to keep your baby feeling extra peaceful throughout the night. Adults underestimate the importance of sleep. Babies can’t communicate with words, but sleep disturbances are a form of communication.

    Let me repeat. Sleep disturbances are a form of communication. Therefore, if your baby won’t sleep after breaking a mirror, this a serious red flag that any responsible parent needs to address immediately. Your baby’s change in sleep habits are communicating something to you. Don’t ignore this cry for help. Otherwise, maybe you really do have something to worry about with supersitions.

    Are you too superstitious about the broken mirror?

    If you’re going to believe in superstitions like this, believe in the good ones too! Like good things attract more good things. Just go out there and put good out into the world. Use the same superstitious logic to combat your paranoid thinking. Everything will be ok if your baby broke a mirror. Nothing in this article was meant to scare you, but we don’t want to act like we’re total experts on the supernatural. Who are we to say that your baby 100% won’t be impacted, especially based on some of the experiences from the parents you’ve read about?

    Positive thoughts attract positive things.

    The biggest takeaway here is to use this as an opportunity to put good in the world to combat any bad luck you think you’ve attracted. Shift your scared thinking into something different. Next time you’re sad your baby broke a mirror, tell yourself you’re thankful this happened. It is now allowing you to put good into the world. You’re thankful your baby is ok! You’re thankful nobody is injured. If you were really cursed, would those things be possible? Like we said before, we’ll let you be the judge of that.

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