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My Baby Ate a Wax Melt! Should I Worry?

    They smell good to us adults. Hey, they even smell good to babies! What else can we be talking about besides wax melts? Have you ever been in the store, maybe Bath and Body Works for example, and smelled something that you just needed to taste? Imagine your favorite scent. Sometimes it’s so easy to want to taste that scent. Sometimes babies want to taste what they smell. Unlike adults, babies don’t understand the danger of eating a wax melt.

    Are wax melts dangerous for my baby to eat?

    Some delicious scents aren’t meant for human consumption. Sometimes this is clearly written on the label. If your baby ate a wax melt, start by checking the label. It’s highly likely there’s information about what to do if someone eats the wax melt.

    How did your baby get hold of this wax melt?

    It’s so easy to leave something out thinking it’s harmless. Even before children, many of us experience this with puppies! Don’t blame yourself if you left something harmful out, but try to incorporate something into your routine that will eliminate it from happening again.

    For example, can you start walking around your home once a day with the sole purpose of looking for hazards? You may have spotted the wax melts that are within reach of your little one.

    Call poison control if your baby ate a wax melt.

    You’re clearly worried about this if you’re researching the topic online. Even worse is that some wax melts are more dangerous than others. All wax melts aren’t created equally. What is said about a baby eating one wax melt might not be true for a different brand. Many variables exist that may impact your baby’s health.

    Quite simply, if your baby ate a wax melt it would be best to contact a medical professional. Again, check the label of the wax melt for more specific guidance toward your specific wax melt.

    Eating a wax melt might impact your baby’s sleep.

    What happens when you eat something that doesn’t sit right with you? Your baby is your child after all and is probably experiencing similar reactions. Your stomach might be upset, your emotions all over the place, and you might wake up in the middle of the night. Check out the Baby Sleep Workshop if your baby ate a wax melt. Don’t dismiss the possibility of a negative reaction due to the wax melt.

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