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5 Tips If Your Baby Acts Hungry All the Time

Does your baby always seem like he is hungry? This can drive you nuts. A mom’s biggest fear is leaving her child hungry. It is what you are put on earth to do. Keep your little one fed and comfortable. When you know that your child is full and feeling their best, you can rest well, but until then, you are not settled. As your baby appears to be hungry, you are running around trying to figure out what to do to alleviate this problem.

Thankfully, in this situation, most times, your baby is not hungry at all, and they appear hungry for other reasons. They may be gassy or irritated for some other reason. If that is the case, you can address that and calm their issue altogether. But if they happen to be hungry, there are fixes for that as well. Continue reading to see some of the ways that you can help your baby get past the hump of feeling hungry all the time.

1. Feed Your Baby More Often

Simply put, if your baby appears to be hungry, the most obvious solution is to feed him or her more often. That will easily alleviate your issue if that is the problem. It will show you if that is the problem quickly. Your baby will soon show you if they are hungry all the time. They will become quiet upon feeding more often because their hunger will disappear. If they are crying because they are gassy and not hungry at all, then feeding them more will make the problem worse, and you will know this because they will not stop crying by feeding them more. So this solution will help you with the process of elimination.

If feeding your child more fits into your schedule, and you do not have a child that is overweight, this should not pose any further issues for you. Just rearrange feeding times, and you will now have a very happy baby… AND MOMMY!

2. Add Filler To Formula

Sometimes moms are reluctant to add fillers such as cereal to baby formula before they have to, but if their baby is not getting full, it may be necessary. Try adding a half teaspoon of baby rice cereal to their bottle and see if this fills your baby’s tummy more. You should watch him or her for constipation at first because this will be a new product added to their bowels. A home remedy for constipation is to add Karo syrup to the formula to help.

You can use this along with the cereal and watch your child get full and sleep well all at the same time. Many mothers report their children to sleep through the night for the first time after adding cereal to their formula. They sleep so well that they check on them constantly, thinking that something is wrong when the only thing is wrong is that they didn’t find this solution sooner.

3. Check for Thirst

Babies know when they want something, but they can not distinguish between hunger and thirst. It makes sense for you to check to see if they are thirsty versus hungry. Your child could be mixing the two. If you are constantly giving your child formula if they are an infant or food when they are an older child when they may want water or juice, you may be overfeeding them. This can cause a child to become overweight. This will lead to inactivity in later ages and childhood illnesses and diseases. You can get ahead of all of these issues if you become more aware of this now. Stop and think about how often you are feeding your child. Do a little research about the age and size of your child. Look to see about how much food on average your child should be consuming and make sure that he or she gets that much. After that much, try fluids because they are more than likely, not hungry.

4. Begin to Add Solids

If your child is of age to add anything outside of the formula, try adding solids. This will be more filling. Your child will be full much longer. You can add healthy foods that will stick for longer. Fruits and vegetables are good additions and are available in portions already prepared for a child that is just beginning to eat solids. This makes it simple for you. When you are just starting your child with solids, be careful and watch closely because they may choke or try to eat too fast.

5. Divert Your Baby’s Attention

When you conclude that your child is getting enough food, then you may need to find other avenues to divert your child’s attention elsewhere. After feeding time, play a game with your baby. Have a dance-off. Watch some television. Read for favorite book or take a nap. The activity is not important; just do something. You need to try to keep your baby busy so that food is not the main focus of his or her life. As long as he or she is full and you are pretty sure of that at this point, you guys can do pretty much anything and have a good time focusing your attention on anything else.


There could be many reasons that your child is appearing to be hungry all the time, including still being hungry. As a great mother, you will probably try to go over every one of those reasons. There is nothing wrong with that. Be mindful that sometimes the answers are the simplest ones. You may find in this situation that you come back to the very beginning as we discussed; your child merely has gas or is uncomfortable in some way.

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