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9 Week Old Baby Milestones & Development

9 Week Old Baby Facts

When babies reach 9 weeks old, they’re well on their way to making the first set of “mental leaps” and similar 9 week old baby milestones. At this stage in their life, your baby is growing quickly and ready to start making these important gains. Parents should keep in mind that every child won’t reach each milestone at the same time. Milestones, instead, are what babies are capable of accomplishing at a certain age.

Wherever your two-month-old baby may be in their timeline, their bodies and minds are certainly growing. While every baby develops on their own time, there are a few 9 week old baby milestones that each child must reach at some point. Keep up with every stage your baby is by paying attention to the following 9 week old baby milestones:

1. Pay Attention to Head and Shoulders Development

At two months old, you should expect to see 9 week old baby milestones like the development of their shoulders and head. Babies are capable of raising the shoulders or lifting their head at this time. This type of movement indicates babies’ growing mobility.

Additionally, at this time, babies begin to recognize their parents’ faces and tend to be comforted by their touch. If you have any questions regarding the development at this age, be sure to speak with your child’s doctor.

2. Expect More Play Time

Babies start to enjoy new activities at this point in their growth. From staring at their reflection in mirrors to spinning mobiles, babies enjoy exercising their quickly developing motor skills during this time.

In addition to taking on these new activities, babies also start to take a liking to tummy time. Similarly, they like to be close to parents’ bodies and faces as they start to touch their noses, mouths, and eyes. Since babies tend to be more grabby at this stage, don’t forget to keep their nails cut short.

3. Look for the Mental Leap

While many of the 9 week old baby milestones are physical developments, babies brains are undoubtedly developing at this stage as well. Baby starts to learn more about the rest of the world at this time as they begin to figure out how their legs and arms respond to certain cues. Your baby will spend this stage in life focusing on their own movements and make significant mental leaps.

The Wonder Weeks

Many experts refer to this two month period in growth and development as the wonder weeks. Babies tend to be fascinated by their own bodies as their minds learn to process every new skill they discover. Babies work to recognize patterns in their world at this time and start to build awareness of how their body exists in the environment around them.

3. Watch out for Teething

Though teething is typically associated with six-month-olds, your baby isn’t too young at this stage to start teething. As your baby prepares for the arrival of their baby teeth, they’ll likely start drooling more.

Be prepared for the discomfort that typically accompanies teething. While they likely won’t start wailing in pain until their teeth start coming in, be on the lookout for symptoms of teething.

4. Prepare for a Schedule Shift

There’s only so much scheduling that parents can do with an infant. For the most part, babies at this age are constantly napping, waking, and feeding at all hours. While parents, may have found a working schedule up until this point, experts warn that one of the more obvious 9 week old baby milestones is a distinct shift in schedule.

As babies experience drastic changes at this age, their habits will undoubtedly be affected as well. Parents should respond to this shift by focusing on a routine for their baby’s bedtime and nap times. A stable schedule will help to signal to babies when it’s time to sleep or time for mom to get a break to rest. When baby gets tired, be sure to avoid any stimulus that will keep them awake.

5. Get Ready for the 9 Weeks Checkup

Parents are typically both excited and nervous for one of the more definitive 9 week old baby milestones: going to the doctor for their baby’s check-up and first shots. At this two-month check-up, doctors will monitor the baby’s health and check on their growth, sleep habits, and diets.

In addition to determining whether your baby or not is on track with their development, you’ll also need to prepare them for their first shots. While some moms use sugar water to keep babies calm during vaccinations, others try to nurse during the vaccination to keep their baby distracted and soothed.

The next part of this important doctor’s visit is measuring and weighing. At this point, a doctor will check to see if the baby’s joints are loose and determine that the baby is a healthy weight.

6. Watch for Smiling

Many parents expect to see their baby’s first smile almost immediately, but this isn’t always the case. In fact, many research articles with 9 week old baby milestones list smiling as something parents should expect at this time.

At this point in time, baby should start smiling and giggling, if they’re not already. Haven’t seen your baby smile yet? Parents can coax these types of 9 week old baby milestones out by talking to their baby gently at a time they aren’t tired or hungry. Babies are more likely to smile if a parent is already smiling, as babies tend to mirror what they see Mom or Dad do.

7. Listen for Talking

As talking is one of the more exciting 9 week old baby milestones, parents often can’t wait to hear their babies say “Mommy” or “Daddy”. While babies will talk when they’re ready and may even start before or after nine weeks, there are a few ways parents can encourage their babies to speak. m

When talking with your baby, give them the chance to respond to you. Experts explain that babies learn to talk earlier when parents give them the opportunity to reply in conversation with them. While some parents may be embarrassed to engage in conversation with a baby, this is how they learn. The more they listen to what you have to say, the more they learn about language and the better they understand how to communicate.

8. Prepare for Increased Feedings

At two months old, babies tend to have the desire to feed more frequently. Most moms find that baby likes to feed on each breast at this age. While it takes some time to get used to this new habit, babies need to accommodate their rapid growth and development with this increased desire to feed. However, moms determined to breastfeed should know that formula milk or additional food items aren’t a requirement at this age.

Babies don’t sit still for long. At 9 weeks and older, babies are rapidly growing. Before you know it, your little baby will be on the way to becoming a toddler. Watch out for these 9 week old baby milestones to make sure your child is on-track with their expected growth.

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