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9 Month Old Milestones & Development

9 Month Old Baby Facts

Newborns are miracles in themselves, but once your baby reaches 9 months old, we’re in the big leagues here. Many of life’s first achievements begin at 9 months. How amazing is it that for 9 months your baby grew inside of your tummy, and now he or she has been in the outside world just as long? They’ve met you, your family, complete strangers, and even other babies.

With each interaction, their brain is realizing more about the world around them, and they’re learning how to share their own knowledge now, too, even if it’s just to show you a toy they like. What else is going on at that 9 month mark that you might want to take note of?

A Whirlwind of Change

At 9 months of age, your baby is going to be a whirlwind of physical and social change. For the first time in their young lives, they’re noticing the world around them and able to reach out and grasp it and interact with it in a way that they never could before. 9 month old baby milestones continue to impress parents and maybe even your baby.

They’ll notice the world around them more, notice their own movements more, and want to share in everyday life with you more. Social interaction through playing becomes one of the most important advancements during this time period, as your baby goes through those well-known 9 month old baby milestones.

Weight and Length

9 month old baby milestones center on continued development of language, senses, physical growth, and social interaction. By the time your baby starts logging 9 month old baby milestones, you’ve already seen an enormous amount of forward movement into the world of “little personhood.” They’re not just cooing, drooling bundles of joy now, but fully developing people that you need to relate to. Your baby is going to log a certain amount of physical growth by 9 months, including:

  • A 9 month old girl will be around 18.1 pounds
  • At 9 months, boys are about 19.6 pounds on average
  • 27.6 inches is the average length of girl babies at 9 months
  • 9 month old boys are typically about 28.3 inches

Prepare to Be Amazed

Physical development during this stage is definitely impressive, but it’s one of the basics. What’s really amazing is everything your baby is going to be sharing with you through 9 month old baby milestones.

These 9 month old baby milestones are something you might want to document in a scrapbook, photo album, digital program, or even just through pictures on social media. A lot is happening at 9 months! Here are the other miraculous happenings that occur at 9 months.

1. Crawling is the biggest milestone

9 month old baby milestones are kicked off in grand fashion with one of the biggest baby milestones of them all: crawling. On average, 9 months is the age at which some babies start to do that most adorable of pre-walking actions and crawl straight into your heart (and across a room).

Be aware, though, that if your baby doesn’t crawl at 9 months, it’s usually not anything to worry about. Some babies never even crawl at all. They just skip straight to the big one and take off walking. If you’re concerned your baby isn’t crawling and want to make sure everything is okay, just speak to your pediatrician.

2. Sitting

It took a long time for those little baby muscles to develop in order to make this major 9 month old baby milestone possible. Thanks to all that physical development, now your baby can sit upright for some period of time and even play with their toys (and you).

Nothing is quite as entertaining as sitting up in front of a baby who has just learned to sit up. Now they’re becoming people just like us, and it’s fun for them and even more fun for parents. Grab some toys and celebrate this one! Babies who are sitting up for the first time are sometimes rightfully proud of the fact, and as parents, you should be, too.

3. Standing

Some babies will begin standing up, using the help of household objects, at 9 months. Not every baby is going to do this. For some babies, this will be months away, but it’s still possible that at 9 months, your baby could be celebrating the 9 month old baby milestone of standing.

Imagine the day when you look over and see your little one pull themselves up on a couch or other household object, and now they’re even taking little baby steps side to side in an attempt to navigate our world. It’s a beautiful sight to see your baby discovering different ways of moving and having fun.

4. Babbling

While your 9 month old is unlikely to speak a full sentence or even many words at all, what they’re going to be doing at this age is babbling. You know these little cooing sounds that mimic words, like babababa or mamamamama. It’s their first foray into the world of full-fledged words and sentences, and it’s relentlessly adorable.

You can work with your baby on language by reading to them or even mimicking the sounds right back, joining in that blessed chorus of baby talk and communication. The more you communicate with your baby in language, the more likely they are to communicate right back to you, and it’s a great bonding exercise for both baby and you.

5. Grasping

You’ve probably heard it described as the “pincer grasp,” a method babies use of grasping objects whereby they hold something with their pointer finger and thumb. You’re in lucky with this one, because it becomes incredibly handy when you’re feeding your baby or playing with them.

Now that they can grasp objects in this way, your job becomes a lot easier. 9 month old baby milestones like this become so cute that sometimes parents need to grasp something themselves: a camera to take some pictures of baby’s first grasps. Seeing your baby interaction with objects around them in this way is really something to behold.

Celebrate These Milestones

9 month old baby milestones are some of the biggest milestones in your baby’s long life to come. They are moving around their world now, grabbing objects, sitting up, and sometimes even standing so that they can get a different view of the world.

Parents will be overjoyed to see all of these things happening because it’s a sign that your baby is developing normally. Parents who don’t notice their baby crawling or standing up at this age usually have nothing to worry about.

Don’t Compare or Excessively Worry

Every baby develops at a different pace. Unless your baby is long overdue for such milestones, it’s usually nothing to panic about. People who are concerned that their babies aren’t crawling or standing up at this age can definitely discuss the matter with a pediatrician to make sure that all muscle development and brain development are going according to plan.

Just remember, there’s almost never something wrong if your baby develops a month or two later than another baby. Don’t compare your little one to babies who reach these milestones “on time” or sooner.

Appreciate the Rarity of These Moments

As parents watch their 9 month old baby milestones happen in front of their eyes, it’s imperative to capture these moments on camera whenever possible (but not to the degree you’re missing out on them altogether).

The first time your baby crawls might not be something you capture, as it sometimes happens out of the blue, but you can definitely grab some pictures of the day itself that your baby begins to crawl. It’s likely to stun them and you alike! Babies who achieve these wondrous events sometimes make happy noises or smile, something parents want to share in.


As your baby continues to go through each of his or her major milestones, remember that these are your milestones, too. You’re the one who made this baby and introduced it to this fascinating world that it’s now exploring and sharing with other people.

Don’t forget to take time out every day to play with your baby, celebrate those moments, and let all of your friends know just how they’re getting along with their milestones. As the 9 month old baby milestones give way to the 10 month ones, 11 month one, a year ones, you’ll have a hefty group of pictures to look back on and adore.

Watch for those crawling moments, standing moments, and moments where your baby wants to sit up and play with you! It’s those moments that will one day make you look back and smile in a way that you’ll never forget.

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