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5 Week Old Baby Milestones


5 Week Old Baby Milestones

5 week old babies aren’t known for a lot of movement, and you won’t get a step at 5 weeks old, but what you are going to get is going to melt your heart in ways you never thought possible. At 5 weeks old, your baby is becoming what they really are: a social creature. They’re not just going to look around them and be alert, but they’ll also start to interact with the environment with facial expressions and even some very important 5 week old baby milestones that break the ice socially.

So far your little one is really starting to come into their own. They’ve been smiling for a little while now, but mostly the smiles come about as reflexes after a bit of gas. Now things are going to get even more serious, and you’ll notice massive amounts of alertness during the waking times. The basics of their health at this age include a few important things to know like:

  • They eat about 6-8 times a day
  • Bowel movements come along a few times a day
  • Feedings are about 2-5 ounces each feeding
  • Babies at this age love the sensation of touch
  • Tummy time becomes especially important at 5 weeks old

Your baby’s 5 week old milestones will warm your heart, and they’ll also play a critical role in their physical development. Tummy time isn’t just for fun and games. It’s all about developing those strong back and shoulder muscles that they’ll need to crawl off into happiness just a few short months from now. Until then, bask in joy at all of the things your 5 week old baby might be doing!

1. First social smile

Those gassy smiles are precious, but they’re not quite the same as the first time your baby looks into your eyes and gives you that glowing smile of approval and love. It’s around these 5 weeks of age that you might get your first glimpse of a true, blue social smile from your baby. You can encourage this first social smile by talking to your baby, laughing playfully, gazing into their eyes playfully, or just staring at them lovingly. Before you know it that first smile will become one of their 5 week old baby milestones.

2. Cooing time begins

Oh, those precious first baby sounds that only a baby can make. While our own coos and grunts are many years behind us, for your 5 week old, they’re just now sounding off on the surface. You’ll notice that your baby begins to verbalize these adorable sentiments right around 5 weeks of age. Remember, all babies are different, and they develop at their own sweet pace, so if you don’t count cooing as one of your baby’s 5 week old baby milestones, it’s fine. It’ll come along when your baby is ready. 5 weeks is still way too early to be expecting your baby to keep on schedule, but be listening for those first grunts and coos at about 5 weeks. If your baby is one of the ones that start cooing and sounding off at 5 weeks, make sure you coo right back!

3. Fully developed hearing

A 5 week old baby is able to hear completely. You’re looking at a fully formed auditory system, ready for absorbing those beautiful sounds coming from parents, friends, and family. The more you talk to your baby during this time, the more they’re going to soak up those sounds and your language. It’s time to start reading, playing soothing baby music, and conversing with your 5 month old baby in a way that encourages human language absorption. It’s great prep for later on when they talk. You might not see your efforts pay off for a while, but stay vocal with your little one. They’re learning.

4. Tracking objects and people

Before 5 weeks, your baby isn’t all that interested in the world around them. They’re content to just eat, sleep, and poop. And while there’s nothing abnormal about any of those things, it’s a breath of fresh air about 5 weeks in when you notice your little one is starting to care about their environment. They may track objects with their eyes, from side to side, so it’s your time to shine and do that with them so they can practice fine-tuning that baby vision of theirs. Vision is still developing at this time, so it’s an important 5 week old milestone when they begin following objects and people within close range of their vision.

5. Holds objects

The baby rattle has long been an indispensable part of a great childhood. They’re little, tiny, cute, and oh so easy for your baby to reach out for and hold. One of your noticeable 5 week old baby milestones may be that your baby can now hold objects for short periods of time. They’re not going to be playing baseball anytime soon, or throwing out a pitch, but it’s likely that they’ll be able to hold a rattle with their little fingers, and oh what a precious moment that is! Parents who want to keep track of their 5 week old baby milestones will definitely want to get a few pics of the first time the baby holds onto an object. Their hands, elbows, and shoulders are growing a little each time your baby holds onto something.


Your baby’s first 5 weeks are absolutely precious in every way, even when they’re not doing anything. Imagine when they finally start interacting with their environment, following objects with their eyes, smiling back at faces, and cooing their little hearts out for you, friends, and family. All of these moments are going to be filed away under that important classification of “forever cute.” In addition to these moments being cute, things like tummy time serve a value precursor to later milestones like crawling, so make sure tummy time is an important part of their day at 5 weeks.

As 5 week old baby milestones come and go, you’ll definitely begin to have a growing bond with your child, and this is the age where they’ll start to have a growing bond with you as well. They won’t just hear you and see you, but they can respond with a big, bright baby smile unlike any you’ve seen up to this point. As your bond grows, you’ll find yourself experiencing love in a way you never have before. You made this life. You’ve sustained it up until this time. Now, you’re watching that life blossom before your eyes in ways you never dreamed possible, and not only will it be milestones for them, but for you as well.

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