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5 Month Old Baby Milestones & Development

5 Month Old Baby Facts

Infant developmental stages are hit and miss. Some babies walk earlier than others, some talk earlier than others, and some skip the crawling stage and go straight to walking. What’s the point of keeping track of things like tracking 5 month old baby milestones? For one thing, these are memories that you’re making and can share with your baby later on. You can also keep track of the general range for milestones to make sure that your baby is developing normally. Plus, it’s just fun to see your baby learning new things.

Development at 5 months is much more advanced than most folks without children imagine. At this stage of life, your baby is seeing better, hearing better, and interacting with the environment more than they did in previous months, and they’re gearing up and developing for those big time achievements, such as crawling, a first step, and a first word. Some children do these things earlier than others, so many 5 month old baby milestones may not always be the same for every baby. For example, some babies might be crawling at this age, others not so much.

At 5 months of age, your baby may:

  • Giggle
  • Smile spontaneously
  • Enjoy games like peek-a-boo
  • Enjoy near peak hearing and vision
  • Have greater head control

Among these already happy accomplishments, your baby will inevitably stumble onto a few more of the common 5 month old baby milestones. Here are the other ones to be on the lookout for in month 5.

1. Smiles at affection

Babies smile before 5 months of age. They’re going to smile for a host of different reasons, even a flexive “gassy” smile that occurs when they have gas. It’s only at about 5 months of age, though, that babies begin responding to affection with smiles. A more direct way of responding to people with smiles, this particular smile means a bit more than the reflexive ones. Your baby now looks at you, feels and sees affection from you, and returns those wonderful things with an affectionate smile of their own. These smiles will mean more to you, and it’s a wonderful way for you to bond with the burgeoning little human you’re raising. Return their smiles with more smiles.

2. Plays with you and others

Play time doesn’t necessarily always start at 5 months of age, but it’s fine-tuned during the 5 month old baby milestones period. It’s during this time that games of peek-a-boo and other well-known baby games become a permanent part of your arsenal in taking care of your baby and giving him or her the happiness they deserve. You’ll come up with all kinds of new and funny games for your baby and you to play on a regular basis, and their play time will come to mean more to them. Healthy, happy babies have plenty of play time in their lives.

3. Weight-bearing on legs

Your baby can bear a bit of weight on their legs at the 5 month old milestones period. They’ll be able to do this with your assistance, and buying a walker for them will allow them to get stronger leg muscles that will prepare them for the stage when they begin walking. Crawling is going to come before that, but one of the most important steps to that stage is to help their legs and arms become strong enough to support them. A little bit of weight bearing at this age to strength those little legs is imperative.

4. Sitting

Your baby won’t be able to sit up on their own at 5 months, but if you support them, it’s very likely that at 5 months of age, they’ll be able to sit with your support. Sitting creates strong muscles that they need for later developmental stages, so don’t skip this important 5 month old baby milestones moment. You can play with your play as they sit up, supporting them with an entertaining toy in front of them, and you can interact with them like this for a certain amount of time every day so that they’re developing those important muscles. It’s fun time, but it’s also development time.

5. Hand chewing

Here it goes. Your baby is going to love putting objects into their mouth. It’s part of babydom. We all knew it was coming, and it’s part of the 5 month old baby milestones era. Your baby will often put their hands in their mouth to chew on them. The purpose of this is of course only known to the babies themselves, but it’s a natural part of their young life, and it’s nothing to be concerned about. Just make sure baby is clean, and you’ll all be fine. It’s just one of those natural 5 month baby milestones that many parents might not even notice at first, but it is indeed a milestone. A lot more goes into that action than you think.

6. Rolling over

Your baby will be able to roll over from front to its back when they reach 5 months of age. This is part of those 5 month old baby milestones that deal with muscle development and greater coordination. Their little brain is developing rapidly, and now suddenly, their bodies are starting to develop as well to accommodate all of that new activity they’re capable of. You’re the lucky recipient of all those fun, playful baby moments. Remember that since your baby can roll over from front to back at this stage, it’s vital to supervise any swaddling and to keep blankets out of the crib. Rolling from back to front will come a bit later, although some babies develop this skill a little earlier, too.

A New World

5 month old baby milestones are fun to witness and share with friends. Taking pictures of those moments will allow you to one day go back and share each of those playful moments. For example, your baby may turn out to be a big peek-a-boo fan. Your games of peek-a-boo will net you a lot of laughter and baby bonding time, both of which can take up space on your camera roll and digital camcorder (if you keep one of those for special moments).

Changes Come Fast

At 5 months old, you’re going to notice that the changes come swiftly in your infant. You’ll notice that they’re looking side to side more, responding more verbally to the things around them, and smiling more often and in direct response to the things that they see. Their hearing and sight are finely tuned by this time, and their awareness of the world is blossoming in a way that’s beautiful and fun to keep track of. In fact, looking up 5 month old baby milestones actually hints that you’re curious about all of that newfound awareness and these new things your baby is doing.

Is Your Baby Behind?

If your baby is behind on any of these milestones, don’t be alarmed! Many babies will develop certain abilities at different ages, and there is often nothing you can do about that. Of course do all you can to encourage all of these extraordinary things, especially things like sitting them up that you can actively control and work with them on, but don’t feel like they’re “slow” if all of the milestones don’t come one after another, in an orderly fashion. Each baby is different, and a late milestone is usually nothing to be concerned about.

Pediatric Expertise

Your pediatrician is probably your best friend when keeping up with 5 month old baby milestones and other age-related milestones that impact your baby’s development. If you have a concern about your baby’s demeanor and behavior, it’s your pediatrician that will be most likely to give you the answer or know immediately if there’s a true problem with your baby’s development. Happily, most of the time the milestones just come in a certain age range, and there’s no definitive, set-in-stone milestone at 5 months that will happen for every baby every single time.


Your interest in the 5 month baby milestones your infant may soon exhibit, or may already be living through, is a great sign that you’re an involved parent who cares very much about their baby’s development. It’s a devoted parent like you that makes the 5 month old baby milestones so important to them and to you.

Cheering them on as they develop, working with them on skills, and being there for them all the way is something that signifies what a tremendous blessing you are in their lives. Keep being the great parent that you are, and celebrate those 5 month old baby milestones and your own great parenting milestone.

Your devotion is your gift to your baby. Their responding affection and love is their gift to you. It’s a gift that both parent and baby will be sharing more of in the exciting months and years to come.

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