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6 Milestones for 3 Week Old Baby

3 week old baby milestones

3 Week Old Baby Milestones

Growth in the first month of life is rapid. Your little one will grow about 1.5 to 2 inches in the first month alone. They’ll sleep about 16-18 hours a day, but the sleep is anything but straight through, and you’ll still have a little one that’s waking up during the night and needs your attention. Going into week three, you can expect a more alert, more curious baby than ever before. They’ll scan their surroundings and even enjoy watching parents go about their busy routine. They’re starting to notice you!

What to Expect

Babies at the 3 week old baby milestones marker will undoubtedly be more “fussy” than babies have been up to this point. They’re noticing more, enjoying more, but they’re also crying more, and their sleep schedules can create some havoc in the household. In order for parents to stay on level ground and not experience burnout, it’s important to keep your own sanity intact by:

  • Eating right
  • Letting your partner or trusted family member give you a break sometimes
  • Reaching out for help from a pediatrician if you’re exhausted, just for advice
  • Continuing to bond with your child and remind yourself why this is all worth it
  • Reaching out to your own doctor if fatigue and depression becomes a problem

In order to take care of your 3 week old baby, you also need to make sure that you’re taking care of yourself as well. Never let the burnout go on for too long before reaching out for help!

Your friends and family are very likely to be more than willing to spend some time with your little one just so you can recharge and gather all your senses. The 3 week old baby milestones period is one of the most challenging for parents, and it’s because of this that taking care of yourself is so important. They’re changing as babies, and you’re changing as a parent. So what else is your adorable 3 week old likely to do at this particular time? Let’s find out.

1. Brief head lifts

Neck muscles in a newborn are obviously going to be lacking, as they don’t have practice at this kind of movement yet, and their head is still very unsteady and neck muscles obviously weak. That doesn’t mean they can’t get a few brief head lifts in from time to time. Many baby’s will have the head lift as a 3 week old baby milestones moment, as they are at least able to lift their head for a second or even two seconds. It’s a small, almost imperceptible step forward for them. Turning their head will be another of those adorable baby moments you may notice as one of those 3 week old baby milestones.

2. Fussiness

Of all the 3 week old baby milestones, this might be the lone one parents briefly wish they could do without. Your baby’s newfound fussiness is very likely coming from the growing pains they’re experiencing, and it’s therefore a good thing that your baby is a bit fussy. To endure this time, instilling calmness in the situation is going to be one of your major contributing factors to helping to reduce the fussiness. Be glad that it’s there, but don’t just settle in and let your baby continue on in that fussy state of mind. Diet is an important part of making sure your baby isn’t overly gassy and doesn’t have as much to complain about. Oh, and don’t use gripe water! Studies have found it’s not good for your baby.

3. Tummy time

As 3 week old baby milestones go, tummy time is something that you yourself have to initiate, since they can’t flip over on their tummy yet and don’t understand how important this tummy time will be to their blossoming development. Their neck muscles will be greatly increased thanks to tummy time, and shoulder muscles will also get bigger with certain movements during tummy time. The result is that your baby is building all of those important muscles they’ll need later on when they begin crawling. These early exercises are so important. Tummy time is the beginning of this muscle development, and it’s one of the most important 3 week old baby milestones.

4. Early cooing

Before they venture into language, your baby begins by making sounds and coos, sometimes as early as 3 weeks old. It’s their first brush with language and sound, and it will be a charming event for family to catch their baby making these amazing new sounds and coos. Remember, not all babies begin cooing, so if your baby misses this one, it’s not a bad sign at all about their 3 week old baby milestones. Sometimes they won’t begin cooing for even quite awhile, but hey, it’s worth it to be ready for those first soothing, gentle baby coos from your little one.

5. Greater attention to objects

Your baby’s vision is developing at breakneck speed! A particularly fun 3 week old baby milestones moment will be the first time your baby shows an interest in something like a mobile in front of their face. Why? Well, they’re not just staring blankly into space anymore. Now they’re actually focusing in on those objects and beginning to adore them. You can wave toys in front of their face, too, and notice now that they’re focusing in on those objects and really seeming to enjoy it. 3 week old baby milestones are meant to be share with others, so make sure you let everyone know your 3 week old seems to be noticing the world around them more. It’s a great sign that your little one is developing normally and starting to notice the big, wide world.

6. Small steps forward

3 weeks old is still under a month old, so there’s not a lot of “doing” going on in the life of your baby right now. It’s all about letting everything on them develop at the rapid speed it’s already developing, and it’s about noticing those small steps forward. Tummy time will be an integral part of their development, so make sure that your baby is getting adequate tummy time at those 3 week old baby milestones time period. If you feel like your baby is lagging behind in anyway, or you notice something off kilter, there’s no shame in discussing it with your pediatrician. Most of the time it’s nothing to worry about.


As babies accomplish their 3 week old baby milestones, parents will be proud as peacocks. They’ll probably let everyone know just about every little thing their baby is doing, as each new monumental moment is precious and worth sharing. And we all know, 3 week old babies get sick, too, so they’ll probably have their fair share of moments here and there where you have to comfort them and work through it with them. That’s what parenting is all about, as you introduce your little one to the world and help them through those rough moments.

Development is especially rapid during these first few weeks of life. Changes will come and almost immediately be replaced by still other changes. It’s rapid, and sometimes difficult to keep track of, but if you have a baby book or social media account documenting your little one, you’ll always have a fantastic place to keep track of their accomplishments and even 3 week old baby milestones. Sharing your little one’s life is one of the most rewarding parts of these early days, but sometimes you need to just sit back and take it all in, realizing that you’re doing the best you can to give them a great and memorable life.

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