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3 Month Old Baby Milestones & Development

3 Month Old Baby Facts

Many parents are excited when their infant begins to hit 3 month old baby milestones. At this stage, parents and baby are getting adjusted to their new routine. Infants aren’t newborns anymore and much less fragile, which is usually reassuring to parents and older siblings. This milestone is one of the first for infants and usually comes with many questions from parents.

All babies progress at different speeds. When going over the three month old baby milestones list below, it’s important to realize these are just guidelines. Some babies will start crossing off milestones on this list before they’re three months old and others may be a bit slower to achieve each milestone. If you’re worried about your baby’s progress, you should consult your pediatrician. Check out the list below to see what you should expect.

1. Establishing a Schedule

Finally! After weeks of restless nights and middle of the night feedings, your three-month old baby is settling into a schedule. It’s important to reinforce your schedule to help baby stay on track. The more precise you are at this time will help you develop a strong schedule that will make life a bit easier to handle.

While most babies will sleep for long stretches as part of the 3 month old baby milestones, sleeping through the night isn’t a 3 month old baby milestone, but you’re getting closer. Babies sleep pattern and needs will change tremendously through their first year. At three months old, babies should still be sleeping in the same room as their parents.

If you’re baby loves to be swaddled while sleeping, it’s important to make sure they aren’t rolling over yet. Babies who are capable of rolling over on their own shouldn’t be swaddled while sleeping.

2. Better Motor Skills

Remember when baby was first born and was started by everything? That’s called the startle reflex. By three months old, the startle reflex begins to fade, which is usually one of the most welcome 3 month old milestones parents look forward to.

Another motor skill difference you’ll notice is no more wobbly head. At this age, babies should be able to hold up their head with stronger neck muscles. When baby is playing on their belly, they should have enough strength to hold up their chest, neck, and head.

Other 3 month old baby milestones you should notice at this stage of life include baby stretching and kicking their legs. Babies love to stretch and will do it while lying on their stomach or back.

Although it will probably be months before baby starts to walk on their own, babies at this age are strong enough to push down on their feet when placed on a flat, firm surface. In addition to swiping at toys, baby will likely be able to grasp toys that are made for children their age.

3. Early Hand-Eye Co-Ordination

At this age, you should also see your baby begin to use hand-eye coordination. This is one of the most important 3 month old baby milestones. You may notice early stages of this milestone well before the infants third month of age.

Examples of this milestone include baby opening and shutting their hands. Baby probably can bring their hands together and may even swipe at colorful toys. Another sure sign of early hand-eye coordination is baby putting their hands, toys, and possibly their feet in their mouth.

4. Sleeping Six to Seven Hours at Night

At this stage of their life, babies nervous system is developing, which allows their stomach to stretch and allow them to drink more milk. With a full belly, babies will sleep more. Most infants at this age will sleep six to seven hours at night. Since the startle reflex starts to fade as one of the 3 month old baby milestones, baby will be less likely to startle awake, which means you don’t have to worry about normal activity and noises in the house.

5. Improved Vision and Hearing

Three-month old babies have improved vision and hearing that fascinates them. As part of 3 month old baby milestones, babies will start to develop their senses and vision and hearing are usually the first.

You may notice your baby turning its head when it hears your voice or listening intently when you’re playing music. If you think your baby is staring at you, they probably are. Babies love to watch people and staring intently is another of the 3 month old baby milestones.

At this age, babies may begin to pick a favorite toy, usually a brightly colored toy. Bright toys are babies favorite at this age because they provide a sharp contrast that is easy to see. When engaging with baby, grab a toy. Slowly move the toy back and forth and watch to see if baby is following the object with their eyes.

Another of the 3 month old baby milestones to look for is whether baby recognizes faces and objects at a distance. These are all signs that your little one is achieving typical 3 month old baby milestones and that life is about to get much more interesting.

6. Voluntary Smiling and Intentional Movements

You’ve probably seen your baby smiling a hundred times since their birth, but at three months old, baby smiles are more intentional. In fact, intentional smiling is another of the 3 month old baby milestones. Three month old babies are learning how to interact with the world around them. Studies call these intentional smiles, “social smiles.” Babies will smile when they like something, when something is funny to them, or when they want someone’s attention.

When the social smiles begin, you’ll also notice baby will begin to interact more with you. Babies at this age love to play and may become upset when playtime ends. Mom and Dad will also have to guess less about what baby wants because one of the most important 3 month old baby milestones is when babies become more expressive and communicative with their body and face. In addition to motioning when they want to play or be head, babies will also begin imitating facial expressions.

7. The Ohs and Ahs

Up until this point in their life, baby’s only way to communicate was to cry. At three months old, babies will cry less and begin to interact by making vowel sounds, usually ohs and ahs. Most adults will relate to this language as baby babble, but, it’s an important 3 month old baby milestone. When babies are communicating using this language, it’s important to interact with them.

This three month old baby milestone is the first stage of early language development. In addition to ohhhing, ahhhing, and babbling, baby will probably start imitating sounds they hear around them. When baby hears sounds around them, they are very alert and will likely turn their eyes and head toward the noise in order to identify it.

8. Huge Growth Spurts

At three months old, you’ve probably noticed none of their 0 to 3 month clothes or newborn outfits fit anymore. Just as not all adults are the same size and shape, the same goes for babies. An average weight at three months old is about 12 to 15lbs. But there’s a wide range of normal that your pediatrician can help you understand better.

Babies first growth spurt happens when their around 10 days old and again at three weeks and six weeks, but the three month growth spurt is exceptional because it officially ends the newborn stage of life. Parents can expect their infant to have many growth spurts from here on out.


As your child starts to hit 3 month old baby milestones, you’re probably looking forward to easier days and nights. The newborn stage of life is full of new scenarios and expectations. You’re probably tired and wondering if baby will ever sleep through the night? The time is coming and you’ll have a whole new set of milestones to look for at six months old.

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