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A List of 24-Month-Old Baby Milestones

24 month old baby milestones

24-Month-Old Baby Milestones

It’s seems like just yesterday you were swaddling your baby. Flash forward and you now have to find the energy to keep up with them. At 24 months, your baby is on their way to becoming their own little person with their own way of doing things.

There’s also an entirely new set of milestones at the 24-month mark. From kicking a ball to speaking in sentences, here’s what you need to know about 24 month old baby milestones.


At 24 months, your toddler is able to feed his or herself certain foods with ease. Finger foods like Cheerios and animal crackers should be effortless. However, when it comes to self-feeding messier foods like pasta, it’s best to leave off the red sauce. Their fingers are still learning the fine art of mastering cutlery.

Dancing Until Dawn

At 24 month old baby milestones, most little ones happily bounce up and down when they hear music. While they might not always be able to stay in rhythm, they certainly do their best! If it seems like your child ignores music when it’s played, or if they aren’t responding when you call them, a trip to the pediatrician for a hearing check might be in order.

Understands Instructions

Reaching the 24 month old baby milestones is more than just learning how to eat. Once your child reaches 24 months, they’re able to follow basic one-step commands. They can easily turn off the television, bring you their favorite toy and even put on their shoes. Keep in mind though that they are only two, so asking them to do multi-stepped processes probably won’t produce you the results you are expecting.

Identify Body Parts

When you toddler was younger, they were in the sensory stage where anything and everything ended up in their mouth. Now, they should be able to identify different body parts like their ears, eyes, nose and mouth. You can reinforce their knowledge by having them point out their body parts as well.

Mom’s and Dad’s Little Helper

They’ve spent two years watching you do everything from washing the dishes to doing the laundry. Now, they want to get in on the action. When feasible, let them help out with easy tasks like putting clean towels in the closet or squirting the dish soap.

Read on Their Own

Even if it sounds like their from another planet, most children at this age will begin to look at and try to read books. Give them books that are colorful with lots of pictures to look at. You can also find books that have one-word captions such as dog or cat. You’ll be surprised how quickly they’re able to learn how to say it.

Knows Right from Wrong

Don’t let those puppy-dog eyes fool you. Most tots at this age do know right from wrong, particularly if it’s for something they’ve been taught not to do. For example, if you tell your little one not to throw your hair brush into the toilet, and you know they will, but you’ve positively reinforced that this is not okay, they do understand that they shouldn’t do it.

Calling All Night Owls

If you walk away from this milestone unscathed, consider yourself fortunate. Around the age of 2, most children inherently decide that they no longer need to sleep. They might go to bed at the same time, however, don’t be surprised to find them coming out of their room a hundred times.

Alternatively, they might fall asleep but wake up in the middle of the night and stay awake for hours. Rest assured, it’s just a phase and they too will want to sleep again.

Two-Word Phrases

While most children are able to say one or two words by the time they reach their 24 month old baby milestones, it’s important that they continue to progress. Some children speak earlier than others. There are some children that can hold conversations with their parents at this age!


Since every child does progress differently, don’t jump to conclusions if your child is still only saying a word here and there. Keep an eye on it and if you see no advancement, reach out to your pediatrician to discuss your child’s 24 month old baby milestones.

Toss a Ball

Your toddler might not be ready for the major league, but at this age, they should be able to toss a ball to you. Another one of the 24 month old baby milestones is being able to play interactively.

While the ball might not go in the right direction, but their strength is enough that they can least give it a try. Just be careful that they don’t throw it anything that can break.

The 24 Month Old Baby Milestones in the Buff

Finding your child stark naked is surprising to say the least, however, chances are that you did it as well. At this age, children are still developing fine motor skills, so once they realize they can unbutton and unzip, finding them in the buff is a given.

Scaling the Steps

Even if they can’t climb the steps without your help, they’ll certainly give it the old college try. Especially at this age, children are explorers and will try anything at least once. Make a point to get them safe by installing baby gates at the top and bottom of the steps in your home.

Dental Care

Your child should have quite a few teeth prior to reaching the 24 month old baby milestones mark. Although they can’t effectively brush their teeth yet, they can still learn how by going through the motions. You can increase their dexterity by letting them brush their teeth with only water on the brush.

Teething at 24 Month Old Baby Milestones

After the 24-month mark, you child should have top second molars, which can be painful. This is also a good time to see the dentist for the first time, if you haven’t already, to make sure that their teeth are in good repair.

Recognize Themselves

By 24 months of age, children are able to recognize themselves in pictures. They should also be able to recognize other family members as well. You can boost cognition at the 24 month old baby milestones mark by showing picture of themselves and family members and clearly stating their name.

Understands Object Permanence

When your child was younger, they weren’t able to understand that when something or someone disappeared, it wasn’t forever. However, at 24 months, they start to realize something is missing and may go looking for it. This is another reason to keep those baby gates up as your toddler surpasses the 24 month old baby milestones.

It’s Mine!

The hallmark of 24 month old baby milestones is understanding possession. As stereotypical as it may seem, in addition to saying no, don’t be surprised if the only words your says is “It’s Mine!” Two-year-olds are aware of what’s theirs, so don’t be shocked when they have a meltdown when you take their sippy cup.

Potty Training

Potty training is one of, if not the most, momentous milestones of turning 24 months. Some children breeze through potty training and others don’t. Going from diapers to potty is a big deal, so it’s important not to make a big deal out of it. You can transition to pull-up pants to help your little one get into the routine.

Transition to a Bed

A lot of children make the switch to a big kid bed when they turn 24 months. This is something that you will need to gauge and keep in mind, there is no right or wrong. Some children transition to a toddler bed easily while others need a little more time in their crib. Just like potty training, every child will get their own schedule.

Things to Consider

While children do develop at different stages, there are a few things you should be on the lookout for in terms of development. If your little one isn’t reaching any of the following 24-month milestones, you need to reach out to their pediatrician. These include:

  • Trying to talk
  • Being able to toss or kick a soft ball
  • Looking at you when you say their name
  • Not being able to understand very basic commands

Understand that reaching the 24-month baby milestones does happen at different times. There is no right or wrong, however, any delays you notice should be addressed.


Watching your child grow is bittersweet. You love watching them develop yet part of you wishes you could keep them a baby forever. Your two-year-old has a whole world to explore and being able to be there every step of the way makes it worth it.

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