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A List of 23-Month-Old Baby Milestones

23 Month Old Baby Milestones

Your baby is now one-month shy of two already! Can you believe it?

You may be wondering what is considered “normal” at this stage of life. How many words should your baby know? How about potty-training? Colors? Numbers? All of the above?

Making sure your baby is on track is probably something you worry about frequently! It’s totally normal.

You may be wondering, what are the common 23 month old baby milestones and how can you help them achieve more?

Let’s go over it together! We can discuss all the aspects for your 23 month old with baby milestones at this time so you can get up to speed on what to expect.

Let’s Talk About Words!

It’s an exciting time! For 23 month old baby milestones, words are really important! Your baby seems to be picking up on so many things right now. Words are surely one of them.

This time is a big deal for the vocabulary! Not only is your child likely saying 20+ words right now, but they are also learning commands, putting words together and answering questions.

Amazingly, your baby can learn up to 10 new words a day during this time!

Because this is such a crucial developmental stage for language learning, you can help! There are so many things you can teach them to help boost their vocabulary.

路 Read to Them

It is likely something you have already been doing. But try not to read the same material over and over.

When you read to them now, try new stories with more complexity. This will help them to pick up on new words and concepts!

路 Teach Them Songs

This may be something your child really enjoys right now. Not only are songs a lot of fun, but they are also very interactive!

Singing and dancing is a very exciting and entertaining way for them to remember new things!

路 Ask Questions

When you are getting them a drink, ask if they want a pink or green sippy cup. When you are ready to leave, ask them for help finding their shoes.

When reading or pointing out an event happening, make sure to ask them what is going on. This way, they learn to respond and relate to what is happening around them.

The more questions you ask, the more interactively they will respond.

路 Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

The best way babies retain knowledge is, of course, hearing it over and over again. This means making sure to reiterate to them the color, letter, number or name of objects around them.

It’s also always good practice to remind them of manners! Repeatedly teaching phrases such please, thank you, and you’re welcome will become commonplace for them.

How About Motor Skills?

You likely have quite the busy body on your hands these days. It may seem like every time you turn around, they’re into- literally– everything.

For 23 month old baby milestones, motor skills are taking off. You have probably already baby-proofed your house and reduced “climbing” structures. These little daredevils are quite reckless. Even worse- fearless!

So, what is a normal level of motor skills for them at this age? They will likely be able to walk backward, jump, run, and some may even pedal a tricycle!

路 Encourage Play

Your child may be showing an interest in building blocks, puzzles or other similar activities. This helps expand their problem-solving skills.

Encourage them to play with toys that promote color coordination, building, and matching. This will help with their memory and analytical learning.

路 Ride on Wheels

Let them ride on small ridable toys they can push with their feet. Try to teach them to ride on a pedaled toy as well.

Some children may not quite be able to grasp the pedaling concept at this point, but they will learn!

路 Help Them Climb

They’re probably already trying enough of this on their own. But helping them walk up and down steps will help them develop the concept of doing so without so much risk in falling.

You can also take them to parks and other places with climbable equipment to have fun and go, go, go!

Is it Potty Time?

Potty training! The moment your little one transitions from diapers to the big-kid potty can be a huge deal. And not just for them! It is a big step for mom and dad, too.

As for 23 month old baby milestones in relation to potty training, it’s about that time- but maybe not quite! Not only are they learning how to recognize the signals their bodies give them and relating it to potty time, but you also must pay attention to help!

If your little one is not showing any signs of interest in toilet training, don’t be concerned. It is still a little early for most toddlers, so no pressure! Typically, they are ready from 27-32 months of age. There are still ways to give them the idea!

路 Talk with Them

Every time you change a diaper, you can use phrases like, “Next time, let’s try to use the potty,” or something similar.

While not putting pressure on the situation, you are associating dirty diapers to the potty to plant the seed in their mind. This way when you introduce more of the concept, they will already have that suggestion memorized.

路 Show Them the Potty

You can take them to the big potty when you go or let them get familiar with their potty chairs. Whether you have a floor potty chair or one that fits over the big toilet, you can introduce them to it.

You can sit them on it before bath time, each time you must go, or any other time that seems appropriate for them.

路 Notice Body Language

If you notice your little one going to hide in a corner or crouching suddenly, take them to the bathroom. This is a direct signal that they must go, even if they don’t voice the connection.

This way you can not only get the visual on when they need to go, but you can even pin it down to a schedule. This can help you time approximately when they have to go each day and make it easier to get them to the potty.

Are You Worried?

Do you notice your child not exhibiting any of the milestones for this age? It may or may not be any reason for concern. While speaking to their pediatrician is the best route, being educated on signs to look for can provide peace of mind for you.

When your child turns two, your pediatrician will likely go over all 23 month old baby milestones. They will address any abnormal behaviors that may notice. If you notice your child is not responsive to eye contact, cannot yet walk or doesn’t speak at all- these are things you will want to mention.

While this can be normal, it is always good for you and for your child to make sure that any issues are out on the table. This will be beneficial so that if there is anything wrong, it can be addressed early on and you can adjust accordingly.

It’s a Wrap!

All-in-all, your little busy body is going through quite the time right now. Their development is accelerated. Don’t put too much focus on whether they are too far behind any child their age unless there are big reasons you are concerned.

As for 23 month old baby milestones, each child is completely unique! Each of them learns at their own pace. They are individuals who are really coming into their own.

This is a super fun age. One guarantee is that you will never have a dull moment. Have fun, participate, and watch as your little one grows every day!

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