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20 Month Old Milestones & Development

20 Month Old Facts

By 20 months of age, your baby is fast becoming a toddler. They can even mimic a lot of the things they hear and see, as well as perform daily physical tasks that would have been impossible for them even a couple of short months ago.

They’re becoming a little human being right before your eyes. They’re developing new loves and hates every day on a daily basis. Sometimes you might even wonder if your baby hates you! You might have been introduced to their dark side by now, viewed a few tantrums, and witnessed their temper.

Perhaps you’re even experiencing the dreaded 20-month sleep regression. If so, please check out our article on the best sleep schedules for a 20-month-old.

Maybe you’ve seen them throw things at others or kick a relative. All kinds of things are possible at this festive, sometimes embarrassing age.

Your baby is now capable of navigating the world by walking. Perhaps they’re even climbing sometimes. This newfound freedom is both a blessing and a curse, as is their use of language and mimicking things they hear around the home.

Why? Well, your baby has all these newfound superpowers, but they don’t yet possess the rules of social etiquette yet. They may be saying things that are a bit embarrassing. Perhaps when taking your baby shopping, he/she throws a full-blown tantrum in the middle of a Walmart. Now is the time to be a parent with a giant sense of patience and well-meaning for your child.

By the time 20 month old baby milestones begin to crop up, your little one can do all kinds of neat things, such as:

  • Smile and laugh
  • Climb
  • Cruise around furniture
  • Mimic words
  • Dance

It’s an exciting world. Here are the 20-month-old baby milestones you have to look forward to during this hectic, although heartwarming, time.

1. Jumping

One of the biggest 20-month-old baby milestones to be on the lookout for is the one where your baby suddenly realizes that it can jump, with both feet off the floor. What a moment that is!

As adults, we’ve probably forgotten just how fun it is to jump, but your burgeoning toddler surely won’t forget this accomplishment any time soon.

They may love to jump around like it’s the latest fad, and of course, you’re going to get a little nervous each time they do it. It’s an extremely daring physical feat that might even cause injury if they’re not paying attention. Celebrate your toddler’s jumpiness, but keep an eye out!

2. Undressing

Your new toddler is now capable of removing their clothes themselves. This is very frustrating, especially when your baby is dressed for bed.

However, the benefit of this 22-month-old milestone is that he/she can undress quickly. This means your little one is ready for bed much more quickly. You’ll still have to handle the dressing as they don’t quite have the coordination to dress themselves fully. However, at the very least, you can now minimize bedtime rituals by being able to take off their clothes and ready themselves for pajama time.

Warning! They can also spontaneously take off clothes whenever they want to, even if you don’t want them to, so be on guard against this, too.

3. A new social life

For the first time in your baby’s life, they’re going to be on the lookout for group activities and people outside of the family.

Around 20-months-old is the ideal to get your baby in a playgroup. Socialize them into a group of other children of similar ages.

Your 20 month old baby is falling in love with the idea of hanging around other children, playing games, and exploring their own unique sense of humor. A playgroup can help them develop these joys.

If they have siblings, you’ll begin to notice that they want to join in on playtime and other activities with their brothers and/or sisters. It’s an ideal time to bond the whole family together through things like pretend play and fun games.

4. Drawing

Another 20-month-old baby milestone is the ability to draw a straight line.

Imagine being this little and learning the basics of drawing. It is certainly exciting! Introduce your child to this possible love of art as early as 20 months old. You might find out you have an artist on your hands.

Praising these achievements and showing your new toddler that you’re proud of them for these things encourages a love of art that may last a lifetime. That first drawn straight line won’t seem like a work of art to anyone but you, but let’s face it, to parents it’s a huge deal.

Toddlers are so proud of these accomplishments, too. They really are a big deal. These little moments are a testament to just how much they’ve developed and grown.

5. Mimicking reading a book

It’s never too early to give your baby the love of books.

Your 20-month-old baby may mimic reading a book by holding it – sometimes upside down – and looking at pictures. What a cute picture this is!

Your little one knows what books are because you’ve already introduced them to things like bedtime lullabies, but now they’re capable of picking up these magical objects themselves.

Notice how your little one is holding the books in their hands, scanning the pages for pictures. Picture books are an awesome way to encourage an early love of books. Grab a healthy supply and watch your little one “reading” those pictures. Be on the lookout for the act of mimicking reading bigger books also. Nothing is quite as heartwarming.

Appreciating 20 Month Old Baby Milestones

20-month-old baby milestones are among the most memorable, as your baby’s muscles are developing in a huge way at this point. They can do things now that they simply wouldn’t have been capable of doing before.


Your 20-month-old baby may start to discover favorite childhood televisions shows. These are namely cartoons and kid-friendly TV.

Monitoring TV time is especially important at this age. Your 20-month-old is definitely old enough to watch TV, but they’re also not capable of understanding everything they see. Since your little one will mimic much of what they see, only allow shows that are non-violent and healthy for their impressionable minds.

If this is one of your 20-month-old baby’s milestones, you’re lucky. Small bursts of kid-friendly TV can actually be educational for them.

However, not every baby this age wants to watch TV.

Friends & Social Activites

At this age, you’ll witness your newly forming toddler introducing themselves to friends and becoming more social with other children. A huge milestone is the moment your child reaches out to other people. You’ll notice your 20-month-old is positively influencing the lives of others by sharing their vision of the world.

It’s a beautiful thing to see blossoming as they get older. Remember, you’re the one giving that new view of the world to them. In some ways, it’s hard to watch them grow up. However, now you’re showing them how the outside world works. By doing so, you’re only keeping your 20-month-old safe and preparing him/her for success.


20-month-old babies have a desire to navigate the world around them with new skills that they’re learning. As a parent, you’re showing them that they’re competent to use their skills in ways that enrich their lives and the lives of those around them.

Give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done.

As always, if your child doesn’t seem to be reaching milestones quite when they should, you can always consult your pediatrician to find out if there might be a problem. In most cases, there’s nothing wrong. Every child develops differently, but remember, it’s always better to ask than to overlook a problem.

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