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2 Week Old Baby Milestones & Development

Five Big Milestones For 2 Week Old Babies

Baby milestones are just as cute as they sound, a tribute to the little accomplishments that your baby will share with you along their life’s journey. We all know about the basics: first word, first step, first smile. And then there are the not so noticeable, but just as important, milestones that happen in the first two weeks. What a time of rapid change that is for your baby! Of course, it’s a time of rapid change for you parents as well, as you learn your baby’s habits and how to best meet their needs while still taking care of you.

During the first 2 weeks of your baby’s life, you’ll notice dozens of little firsts and milestones, so many that there are some you might not even think of as milestones. Rest assured, they are. These 2 week old baby milestones will stay in your heart even when they seem minor to other people. Let’s see which ones you want to keep an eye out for. Here are five of the biggest 2 week old baby milestones.

1. New eye movements

2 week old baby milestones aren’t always something spectacular, but they sure are adorable nonetheless. It’s at 2 weeks old that you might notice your babies eyes becoming more alert, and in those movements, you may even notice that their eyes are crossing sometimes. That’s normal! In fact, it is kind of spectacular when you think about it. Since babies are awake more often than they were in the first week of life, their eyes get a bit more exercise than the previous week. Crossing eyes at 2 weeks in perfectly normal and may even be considered a 2 week old baby milestones moment.

2. A developing startle reflex

During the first weeks, the startle won’t be as noticeable. In week 2, your baby has a very recognizable startle reflex and may exhibit it when they hear a loud noise. A startle reflex is about the same for infants as it is for adults. They may clench their fists, jump a bit (in a baby way), and blink quickly when they are startled. A startle reflex is a great sign that your newborn is developing exactly as they should, and you should file this as one of their 2 week old baby milestones. Startle reflexes will become more pronounced over the coming months, as your baby begins to roll over and move more, but for now, it’s just those little head movements, fist clenches, and tiny jumps of the body.

3. A quick head lift

Lifting the head takes an enormous amount of muscle power from your baby’s neck and shoulders, something that usually doesn’t develop fully until much later. Still, your baby should be able to lift his or her head just a little bit, although they won’t be holding it up to look around in week 2. For now, it’s all just practice and will only be a fleeting head lift that warms the heart of anyone who lays eyes on the movement. Every little thing a 2 week old baby does is a true milestone, as life is growing and advancing in a way that’s truly miraculous, but some things will be a bit more muted, and the tiny head lift is one of those more subtle 2 week old baby milestones.

4. Hearing improves

One of your baby’s biggest 2 week old baby milestones will be the ability to hear noises that are a little louder than usual. Your baby’s hearing isn’t all that great at 2 weeks, but they can certainly hear loud noises and exhibit the aforementioned startle response when they hear them. And what is cuter than a baby hearing their world for the first time and responding to it? All of this neurological and muscular development is truly miraculous to behold, even if the steps forward are small and barely noticeable. It’s not like a first word, but it’s just as cute to see your baby interacting with the things they hear in their environment. Keep this in mind when they’re sleeping!

5. Birthmarks

Not all birthmarks actually appear at birth. For example, a strawberry hemangioma is a birthmark that might appear in the second week of life (or a bit after). These birthmarks occur after birth, but they’re still considered birthmarks, and many of these spots may appear as a 2 week old baby milestones moment. Your baby’s birthmarks may scare you if you’re not aware that they can actually appear after your baby is born and 2 weeks or longer into life. If you’re uncertain about whether a spot of color on your baby’s body is a birthmark or not, be sure to ask your pediatrician to confirm that it is indeed a birthmark.

Those Precious Moments

A baby’s second week of life is a time of transition and growth for both your baby and you. You’re learning how to be the best parent you can be. All the while, your baby is growing into its new life and changing each and every day in the most amazing of ways. Some of the changes will happen so fast that you won’t even feel like you have time to appreciate it. After all, in-between the diaper changes, breast or bottle feeding, and first sights and sounds, things can be hectic. Some changes will flash right by without notice, while others, like eyes crossing, will be an event.

Recognize the Rarity

Every parent loves to watch these 2 week old baby milestones, as it’s a time in your child’s life that will never come again. You want to absorb as much as possible every little change that occurs in your baby, but don’t feel bad if you don’t notice little things like brief head lifts or eyes crossing. Thousands of things are in play, you’re sometimes short on sleep because of baby’s sleep patterns, and you have a busy life yourself. Not every single milestone can be celebrated, but it will always be appreciated by the parent who cares. Just knowing some of these things are happening for your baby is a joy.

Don’t Overlook Milestones

2 week old baby milestones are often more overlooked than other milestones, simply because they’re less recognizable or well-known. If you’re not keeping track of every last milestone, that’s fine. All parents have their baby’s well-being in mind, and sometimes there isn’t time to celebrate because you’re too busy taking care of your little one. Never feel guilty or bad because you haven’t noticed any milestones lately. Sometimes there just isn’t time.


As your baby continues to grow and change, you’ll likely start to notice the bigger milestones. 2 week old baby milestones are just as precious as all other milestones, but they’re specific to that magical second week with your baby. It’s the only 2 week baby milestones you’ll ever keep track of, so if you have a baby book or online baby book journal going, make sure to mention those little eye crosses and head lifts of the second week. One day you and your child will look back a those 2 week old baby milestones and smile together.

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