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2 Month Old Baby Milestones & Development

2 Month Old Baby Facts

The first two months of your baby’s life have brought major changes for you and your baby. It’s hard to believe but your baby is actually a lot different than that tiny bundle of joy you brought home from the hospital. There have been so many exciting developments from then until now that all amount to the 2 month old milestones that make your baby the perfect little growing infant they are today. Those developmental milestones let you know that your baby is growing and learning normally thanks to the loving care of a parent like you.

Your Parenting Checklist

When your baby is 2 months old, there could be a few health concerns you may come across. This should not be a big deal nor affect any of his/her 2 month old baby milestones unless your baby has any type of existing medical conditions or special needs. Generally, though, there are only a few guidelines to keeping your baby healthy and safe.


First Big Checkup

A doctor’s visit for a wellness checkup is another one of the 2 month old baby milestones. During this visit, your baby’s doctor will check his/her weight, height, and head to ensure your baby has reached his/her 2 month old baby milestones physically. After that, your baby will also receive their standard vaccinations for the first time.

Acne and Skin Rashes

At the age of 2 months, it is very possible for your little one to get baby acne from dry skin or rashes from drooling and spit up. The baby acne and flaky dry skin will usually go away on its own if you use mild soap and moisturizer when cleansing your baby. To prevent and treat rashes from drool and spit up, allow your baby to wear bibs and wipe him/her often with warm water.

Diaper Rash

This type of rash is caused by diapers and wipes. It is very common and often clears up easily with more frequent pamper changes and moments that are diaper-free. If this type of rash does not clear up and seems to be getting worse, you may need to apply a special cream and discontinue use of wipes for a while by washing with a mild soap for bowel movements and rinsing with warm water for the other diaper changes.


This is another common occurrence that is shown by white patches on your baby’s tongue and cheeks. There’s no need to worry; this is a mild yeast infection that can be cleared up with a prescription medication or will eventually go away naturally. Thrush is caused by breastfeeding, especially if you or your baby has taken an antibiotic.

Infection of the Respiratory System

This is known as upper respiratory infection and often comes with a runny nose. Since store-brought medications are not safe, you should put saltwater drops in your baby’s nose to help treat this. If symptoms do not improve within 10 days or if your baby has a high fever and difficulty breathing, call your pediatrician immediately.

Frequent Spit Ups

Reflux occurs when babies spit up often because certain parts of their stomach are not mature. As long as your baby is gaining weight, this is not a problem. To help your baby’s milk digest you can feed him/her less milk and burp them more often. This condition naturally improves with age and maturity, so if it seems to get worse contact your doctor or pediatrician.


There are not really any 2 month old baby milestones for sleep; your baby probably sleeps the same amount of time that he/she has been sleeping since their first or second week of life. So, at 2 months old your baby sleeps about 16 hours a day with some of those hours taken up by about 3 or 4 naps or several shorter, more frequent naps.

It is not likely your baby will be sleeping through the night at 2 months old, but perhaps you will see that wonderful milestone soon considering many babies sleep through the night as early as 12 weeks old and at 2 months your baby should only be waking up 1-3 times in the night for a feeding.

To help your baby sleep better and longer during naps and at night, you can try a pacifier as well as swaddling for comfort and safety.


When it comes to feeding, your baby has reached some specific 2 month old baby milestones. He/she should be drinking up to 24 ounces of breast milk or formula and quite possibly more.

Ensure a healthy feeding environment by making sure no cans of formula or bottles of breast milk are expired.

Check all your bottles and feeding equipment to make sure they are in good condition with no mold.

Throw out any equipment that is damaged and replace whatever is still necessary for your baby to eat comfortably.

Common Milestones of 2-Month-Old Babies

A month is a long time so there will be noticeable differences between what your baby is doing at the beginning and end of the month. With that being said, there are many 2 month old baby milestones that you should notice at this time. It is always very exciting to see every new activity your baby is doing and feel proud of every milestone they reach.

Just remember to keep in mind that milestones are not the same for every baby and it does not mean something is wrong if your baby hasn’t reached a particular milestone yet, especially if he/she has reached many of the other common 2 month old baby milestones. You know your baby better than anyone so don’t hesitate to speak with your doctor or pediatrician if you really believe your baby could be too far behind.

Cognitive Milestones

An important 2 month old baby milestone is the ability to recognize the faces of you and everyone else your baby sees often. There should be some obvious signs of this milestone such as your baby moving around and kicking their legs in excitement when you or perhaps their fun sibling comes around smiling and laughing.

Another one of those important 2 month old baby milestones is the flashing of those toothless smiles parents love so much. If your baby hasn’t started smiling yet, you should expect some big smiles pretty soon during this month.

One of the most wonderful 2 month old baby milestones is the fact that your little precious bundle of joy is actually learning how to talk. Thanks to all those voices he/she is hearing around them from you and other family and friends, your new baby will show off his/her efforts to converse in the form of coos and gurgles.

Physical Milestones

There are noticeable physical signs of 2 month old baby milestones in the form of quite a growth spurt. Your little newborn is no longer quite so little as your baby is now starting to get those chubby cheeks and rolls.

The reason for this new roly-poly look of your baby is that they are packing on the pounds fast without the ability to move around much. Another one of the 2 month old baby milestones is another reason they’re getting so fat; their muscles are just beginning to develop at this age.

Your lovely baby is growing sturdier and stronger every single day, and this shows in more ways than one. You can now be proud of your 2 month old baby’s milestones in movement. At this age, your little one can hold his/her head up much more and should begin making steadier movements with their arms and legs. Their movement is also calmer and more purposeful as they also have the ability to track the movements of other things like toys, rattles, and even humans that move horizontally in front of them.

Keep Up the Good Work

Congratulations are in order as you have successfully completed some of the hardest and most risky weeks of parenthood. You’ve spent these past two months getting used to having a new little person in your home and life that demands endless amounts of your time. You’ve also had many sleepless nights of feedings and checking to make sure your baby is still breathing in their sleep.

After all that, it’s time for you to take a few breaths of relief yourself because your little one is getting older, stronger, and less fragile. You are getting the first rewards of good parenting in the form of everlasting smiles and love as your baby reaches all their 2 month old baby milestones. So by all means celebrate all those days of hard work and concern as you continue to raise your baby with all the nurturing love and care your baby wants, needs, and most certainly appreciates.

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