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19 Month Old Baby Milestones & Development

19 Month Old Baby Facts

Your baby is 19 months old now and honing a number of critical life skills. As a result, they’ve developed quickly into a masterpiece of motion. On any given day, they can skip ahead of you as they’re walking.

Confidence is a newfound feeling for them, as they master their world and all the things (and toys) in it. As a parent, you’re at that point in your relationship with them that you’re wondering what’s next. Be prepared for a possible 19-month sleep regression.

Here are some milestones to expect in your 19-month-old baby:

As your 19-month-old spirals toward their second year of life, their development has increased rapidly. They’re growing and learning new words. They’re able to communicate with you better now than they ever have before.

Imitations, toddler aggression, and all kinds of other new emotions might prove a challenge to your authority when they’re 19 months, but it’s all part of growing up. What other 19-month-old baby milestones do you have to look forward to? Take a look!

1. Drawing

Your little one will likely reach one of the 19-month-old baby milestones by this time: drawing.

They can hold a crayon in their hand, draw a line across the page, and do their little squiggles, too. They’ll create terrific artwork for the whole family to cheer on.

Experts advise you not to expect your little one to draw for long periods of time, as it’s not within their attention span to do so. However, your 19-month-old’s hand-eye coordination should be developing at a rapid rate.

At this point, they’ll be able to confidently handle crayons and draw a bit. These creations will likely make their way to your fridge. If there’s one they’re particularly proud of, you could even frame it to encourage their love of art.

2. Aggression

It’s difficult to think of aggression as one of the 19-month-old baby milestones. However, even their aggression is a sign that they’re becoming well-rounded human beings.

You’ll need to contend with this aggression and make sure that they realize it’s wrong. 19-month-old babies may bite, scratch, hit, and even throw things at other children or even adults. When you spot this behavior, you’ll need to address it swiftly and firmly.

Your child simply can’t go around displaying these behaviors in private or public! Don’t be discouraged if you notice these behaviors, though. They’re all part of their growing up and developing. It’s possible your little one is aggressive because you need to fine-tune your 19-month-old’s sleep schedule.

3. Frustration

One of the most dreaded 19 month old baby milestones is when your little one begins to exhibit frustration when they can’t accomplish all of the things their new young minds believe they can.

They’re completely and totally convinced that their new mobile powers enable them to do every single thing that they see mom, dad, and older siblings do. But in reality, their little bodies just aren’t ready to take that family Doberman for a walk.

The result is a lot of frustration on the part of your soon to be toddler. It’s a good sign, however. It means that your little one is confident, knows the basics of what adults should be able to do, and they’re ready to tackle the world.

Help them deal with the limitations and accompanying frustrations by helping them celebrate the things they can do. Distract them from the ones they can’t.

4. Toy Time

A 19-month-old baby’s milestones include an exciting foray into the world of toddler play.

They may be able to stack their blocks very high, toss toys across the room, figure out small toddler puzzles, and simply enjoy playing now more than ever before.

It’s vital to encourage a love of play early on, as they explore their interests and the things they love (and don’t love so much). It’s during this time, too, that your 19 month old will begin to learn concepts like sharing and playing nicely with other children.

Don’t be too worried if they resist sharing or if you find that they’re a bit aggressive or frustrated during play. It’s part of their new lives. They’re still discovering the rules.

5. Imitating Sounds

You’ll notice your 19-month-old loves to imitate sounds. Children learn to speak partly by imitating the people that they’re around.

Your little one may be able to bark like a dog or meow like a cat, to the best of their ability, even if it’s a little unclear. Imitating sounds that you make, or even that animals make, will be a frequent occurrence in any 19-month-old.

All of these wondrous imitations are a testament to just how fast your little one’s brain is developing. They’re having plenty of physical development as well! You’ll notice improvements in the pronunciation of certain words and sounds.

Enjoy this precious time, as it’s one of the most amusing milestones your 19-month-old baby will experience.

6. Playing, Aggression, and Imitation

19-month-olds experience a whirlwind of physical and mental changes.

At times, they can bring on unwanted behaviors, such as picky eating or aggression. Take a deep breath and relax.

Although challenging, the milestone of aggression is a normal sign that your 19-month-old is learning how to function in this world.

Aggression, when tempered, is part of the human world. They’re simply learning the ropes.

It might feel like the terrible two’s

There will be times when it seems like you’re already dealing with a toddler in their terrible twos, but the great news is that you’re not quite there yet.

Eating habits will change when your baby turns 19-months-old. Picky eating at this age is normal. Your first responses to these situations will inevitably make things easier or harder for you and your baby on down the road. Every parenting decision counts!

Is your baby developing too slowly?

Consult your pediatrician if you feel your 19-month-old baby isn’t growing, or you notice other signs that something is wrong with your baby. While most slow developers have absolutely nothing wrong with them, the first signs of behavioral problems will arise during this time.

It is normal to have many conversations with your pediatrician during this time.

Most of the behavior at this age will be completely normal and nothing to worry about. With your love and care, your 19-month-old will be safe and sound, developing at a pace that’s their very own.


19-month-old babies can be a challenge to deal with. Many parents begin having difficulties at this time. They’re used to their sweet newborn and infant.

Now your little one is becoming a person in their own right. Remain calm as they test the boundaries of authority, especially yours.

Fights with other children may arise, or they may try to be superhuman and do things that their little bodies aren’t capable of doing yet. You’re their guardian, their protector, and their mentor.

With your love and guidance, they’ll get through this time just fine.

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