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17 Month Old Baby Milestones & Development

17 Month Old Facts

Your 17 month old baby is quickly heading toward their second birthday, and in the meantime, they’re becoming a whirlwind of movement.

You’re going to notice very quickly that their little bodies have grown significantly, pushing them further and further toward the world of toddlerdom. If your baby isn’t growing, however, please consult your pediatrician.

As a parent, you’ll be welcomed by increasing activity, new words, and new feats of greatness by your little one. Isn’t it all so beautiful (and sometimes stressful)?

Weight and Length

-The average baby weight will vary. By the time your baby is 17 months old, they’ll be about 22 pounds if they’re a girl. For 17-month-old boys, they’ll clock in at 23.7 pounds.

Girls will be about 31.4 inches long, while boys will be 32 inches. Check out our article on average baby length for more information.

None of these numbers are set in stone. These are median weight and height numbers kept by reputable agencies who track this sort of important thing.

You may have a girl who’s bigger than most boys. Perhaps your boy is smaller than most girls. For most, this is nothing to worry about.


A 17-month-old will start hitting the big milestones that parents wait for and adore.

Previously, they’ve learned all sorts of fascinating new things, such as how to crawl, cruise around furniture, and make their first babbling and cooing sounds. If your baby isn’t babbling, consult your pediatrician.

Let’s take a look at just 6 milestones you can expect as your 17-month-old baby grows:

1. Running

Some children at this age will take off in their first full-fledged run. Once they do, it’s off to the races.

Movement is incredibly important for their growing young minds. Their body is the only outlet for all of that newfound 17-month-old energy.

Make sure that you clear the way for your little one to have plenty of space to safely exert all that energy!

2. New teething activity

Sometime between 16 months and 22 months, your baby’s upper cuspids will make an appearance. Likewise, the lower cuspids appear as early as 17 months, so you could be dealing with both at the same time.

Teething is certainly a milestone, but it’s a painful one for your baby. Ensure they have plenty of pain relief during this milestone. During this time, you can learn how to help your teething baby sleep.

Buying teething rings can reduce the pain, and so can gentle rubbing the gums with a cool finger. You’ve probably noticed your baby putting things in their mouth. They’ll likely be putting their own hands in their mouth during teething. Make sure that their hands are washed.

3. Talking in words

So far, it’s only been baby grunts, coos, and gentle sounds from your little one. However, by the time the 17-month-old baby milestones roll around, they’ll be able to say at least two or three words.

Sometimes, a 17-month-old can say as many as 50 words!

If your child isn’t doing great with words right now, don’t worry about it. Every child picks up the language differently. Just like adults, some children talk more than others.

As long as your child is trying to communicate with you through sounds at this point, it’s still a great sign even if they only say a word or two (or maybe even none at all). Early talkers are great, but so are late talkers.

4. Potty training

Some parents begin potty training at this age. It’s never too early to invest in that potty seat and give them a boost. Sometimes older brothers and sisters might be paving the way. This can make your 17-month-old curious about this activity.

Learning from the behavior of older siblings might encourage an early effort for your child to ditch the diapers and be a full-fledged potty-trained toddler.

However, 17-month-old babies rarely reach the full potty-trained stage. Yes, it happens sometimes, but it’s rare. Begin by introducing them to this concept first.

5. Comfort behaviors

A 17 month old baby milestone is the development of behaviors that a toddler can use to comfort him/herself during distress.

These behaviors might include something as common as sucking their thumb to fall asleep. If your baby is anxious, it may include behavior such as hair pulling.

Some milestones you want to encourage and cheer on, while others you’ll want to break. After all, just because your new toddler can do something doesn’t mean that they should.

6. Play time

The importance of playtime for a 17-month-old can’t be underestimated

Your baby is going to be stacking blocks, banging pots together, and doing a host of fun things with their toys that encourage their curiosity. Reading to them at this age is also a good idea.

Don’t forget to have a healthy dose of playtime with your baby. It helps their physical motor skills to develop, helps them bond with you, and is a great time for the whole family.

Learning how to play well with others will be an important part of a 17-month-old baby’s development. They may hand a cherished toy to a sibling or baby friend. What a great moment!

A Fascinating Time

Your 17-month-old will experience some of the most important milestones in their lives. However, you may notice some less than desirable behavior, such as the dreaded 17-month sleep regression.

Ensuring your baby is getting enough sleep is paramount in diverting unwanted behaviors. Please check out our article on the best sleep schedule for a 17-month-old baby.

Unwanted Behaviors

Some unpreventable, unwanted behaviors will inevitably begin.

Remember that earlier heartwarming story about sharing a toy with a sibling or a friend? They may do the opposite and decide that no one else can touch their toy.

It’ll be up to you as a parent to let them know what the rules of their world are. You’ll want to encourage them to share when it’s possible.

At other times, you may want to teach them the value of ownership. It’s always your call as a parent.


Teething is going to play a big part in the life of a 17-month-old. You’ll need to find ways to soothe their teething pains. Those little teeth are on their way any day now!

If you’re curious when baby teeth fall out, check out our guide.

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