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15-Month-Old Baby Milestones & Development

15-Month-Old Baby Facts

Congratulations! Your baby is now officially 15 months old which means he is also officially a toddler. In case you haven’t noticed, he’s much more active, talkative, and fun to have around if all is going accordingly. Of course, not all babies and toddlers mature and grow at the same rates, but most healthy kids have hit a certain number of milestones by this point. Your 15 month old baby’s sleep schedule is as important as ever to ensure these milestones are hit.

1. Walking

One of the first 15 month old baby milestones you’ll notice is that your little one doesn’t stay in one place for very long anymore. He is most likely walking on his own or with a push toy now. Some babies and toddlers are even running and are quite steady by this age. Even if your child is walking sideways while holding onto your furniture, he’s still well within the average range for 15 month old baby milestones.

2. Talking

You’ll also notice that your little one is way more vocal now, even if you can’t exactly understand what he’s saying. Most babies around this age can say a few words like “mama,” “dada,” “baby,” “juice,” “dog,” or “ball.” Your child also understands more of what you say at this point. If you tell him to point to his tummy, he’ll likely do it. If you tell him to bring you a toy, he’ll probably do that too. This is when his personality really shines through, and you realize you actually have a little person on your hands.

3. Teething time

You probably already went through one round of teething, but what you may not know is that cutting new teeth, molars specifically, is a big part of 15 month old baby milestones. Sometimes a teething baby won’t sleep. Crying, irritability, picky eating, biting anything and everything โ€” these may be signs that your little one is now cutting his molars. You can typically use your finger to feel along the gums for signs of teeth poking through. However, not all babies experience pain or give you any sort of warning signs at all with this part of teething. You may just notice a few new teeth in your baby’s mouth one day. At this age, it’s time to start thinking about scheduling your baby’s first dentist appointment.

4. A few challenges for mom and dad

While 15-month-old babies are so much fun to have around, they can also be a bit challenging as they learn how to navigate the world. You may catch him doing things he shouldn’t, like coloring on your newly-painted walls, pulling the dog’s tail, or throwing blocks at your windows. He doesn’t know that what he’s doing is inappropriate, so you’ll need to take steps to teach him.

Another one of the most common 15 month old baby milestones is the old-fashioned toddler temper tantrum. This is the age when your little one will learn to throw them when he doesn’t get what he wants. Sleep regression at 15 months is another common challenge.

Disciplining your 15-month-old

Again, your little one has no idea he’s being bad. He’s just getting to know the world around him. Discipline at this age means:

  • Setting boundaries and saying “no” over and over again
  • Removing items from reach that can get your baby in trouble
  • Removing the child from the situation โ€” if he keeps getting into a cabinet, it’s time to go to another room or lock the cabinet
  • Not getting upset โ€” this is the time to teach your baby that he can’t do everything he wants, not get angry and punish him

5. Sleep

Since becoming a parent, sleep probably hasn’t come easily, but by 15 months, your child should at least have a nap and nighttime sleep routine. Most experts suggest that toddlers sleep for 11 to 14 hours a day which usually includes a two to three-hour nap. Just keep in mind that there are many things that may keep your baby up at night. One of the most common sleep-related 15 month old baby milestones is having new nightmares. They may scare your little one and wake him up. And his newfound love of play and exploration may make it so that he doesn’t want to nap during the day.

6. Eating and drinking

One of the great things about having a 15-month-old is that he can eat a bigger variety of foods. By this age, he should eat much like an adult does: three meals a day with two snacks in between. Most doctors recommend about 1,000 calories a day, but your child will most let you know when he is or isn’t hungry. Your 15-month-old may be picky, so you’ll want to offer as much variety as you can. Food-related 15 month old baby milestones usually include drinking from a cup, eating finger foods with different textures, and attempting to feed himself with a spoon. Check out our suggestions for feeding your baby almond milk, eggs, or water.

7. Favorite 15-month-old activities

One thing is certain: Your 15-month-old loves to play. You’ll probably notice him trying new activities. At this age, he can color with supervision, stack blocks on top of each other, climb, and hand off and receive toys. You may also notice him imitating adults and older children in your household. For example, if you’re cooking, he may enjoy sitting in the kitchen floor and playing with pots and pans. You may notice your baby is staring at you. It’s also a great time to your read to your little one. He now has the ability to sit and listen to a short story.

8. Problem-solving skills

While he’s playing, you’ll probably notice your baby using new problem-solving skills. 15 month old baby milestones related to cognition typically involve following simple directions, like “bring me the book.” He now understands what some objects are used for, such as spoons, and may play pretend with them. He can also solve basic puzzles with some trial and error, like fitting blocks into holes that are different shapes and sizes.

9. Your little social butterfly

Your little one loves to hang out with you and shower you with hugs and kisses. Your baby loves you! He shows preferences for the people he’s most familiar with, and he may enjoy playing with other babies and toddlers around him. However, one of the most common 15 month old baby milestones is a newly-developed fear of strangers. You may find that your little one becomes shy around people he doesn’t know, and he cries when you leave him with a new babysitter or caregiver.

If your baby isn’t affectionate or isn’t bonding with Dad, now is a great opportunity to rectify these situations.

10. Getting physical

Beyond walking on his own, your little one will begin to use his body in new ways at 15 months. You’ll see him squat down to pick something up, and he may push and pull toys across the floor. You’ll also notice that he can now undress himself (and may do it at the most inappropriate times). If you have stairs in your home, be careful: by 15 months, your little one will learn how to creep up or climb them.

11. 15 month old baby milestones in measurements

People come in all shapes and sizes, and that extends to toddlers. Your 15-month-old may be several inches taller or several pounds heavier than your friend’s baby, and that’s okay if your doctor doesn’t see anything wrong with it. That said, the median weight for girls at this age is 21.2 pounds, while boys have a median weight of 22.7 pounds. As for height, the median for girls is 30.5 inches for girls and 31.2 inches for boys.

However, average baby weight and average baby length can vary for a multitude of reasons.

12. Visiting the doctor

The best way to make sure your child is hitting all of his 15 month old baby milestones is to schedule a 15-month appointment with his pediatrician. He or she will measure your baby, ask you about his day-to-day activities, discuss your baby’s diet, perform a physical exam, and make sure all of his immunizations are up-to-date.

13. Health and hygiene at home

As your child grows, you’ll find that you need to make changes in the way you handle your little one’s health and hygiene. Common hygiene-related 15 month old baby milestones include brushing your toddler’s new teeth, applying sunscreen when taking baby outdoors, and sticking to regular bedtime routines. Your child should remain in a rear-facing car seat.

14. Staying safe at home

One of the biggest challenges parents of 15-month-old babies and toddlers face is keeping their little ones safe at home. Now that your child is moving constantly and always into everything, you must create a safe play space where your child won’t get hurt. Keep chemicals, choking hazards, and hot items out of reach. Remove furniture with sharp corners. Put safety gates on your stairs or at doorways to rooms that are off-limits. Safety should always be a top priority.

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