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14 Month Old Baby: Milestones & Development

14 Month Old Baby Milestones

Raising a child is one of the most beautiful things you can take part in. By being able to watch them slowly grow, you can appreciate life’s slow and steady progression. This is why it’s important to also familiarize yourself with each milestone along the way so that you are able to cheer on your child as they become a functioning member of society.

If your child is approaching 14 months, it makes sense that you would want to know some of the 14 month old baby milestones that they will soon be experiencing. This is why we’ve created a list of all of the 14 month old baby milestones that you need to know about at this special time in your baby’s life!

Before we begin this list, it’s important to note that if your baby is experiencing or exhibiting any symptoms that might feel worrisome, it’s important that you seek help of a medical professional. This list is not meant to be used as a set of symptoms to check, but rather some important 14 month old baby milestones to keep track of.

Despite this, no research on baby milestones can ever replace the input of a medical professional, so it’s important that you keep yourself educated and aware.

They Can Climb Stairs with Help

Once they’re able to stand up on their own, babies are always trying to get moving! However, sometimes their ambitions are held back by their physical limitations. This becomes less of an issue around the 14 month mark, with many babies being able to use their legs to climb different heights.

However, they typically can’t do it without proper assistance, so you have to help them up the stairs. Building these types of skills is important to their growth, but you should take proper safety precautions to make sure that they don’t fall down. On top of this, you should make sure that they don’t try and climb the stairs on their own once they’re out of your sight!

They Can Start Feeding Themselves

An important step in the 14 month old baby milestones is that some babies begin learning how to feed themselves. This is because they start to recognize the act of eating with sustenance, causing them to try and take matters into their own hands. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re cutting their food with forks and knives, though.

Babies at this stage in their 14 month old baby milestones are typically only able to move food around slowly with their thumbs and hands, so they won’t be able to eat significantly tough foods. It’s also important during this stage to watch your children closely to make sure that their eating habits aren’t a potential hazard.

They Can Start Drinking from a Cup

Along with eating, your 14 month old baby might also try drinking. If you want them to explore drinking, we recommend getting a sippy cup to use. This provides them with a way to drink that is similar to their bottle feeding that they were once used to. Again, with all of the 14 month old baby milestones, it’s important to keep your eye on them while they’re drinking to make sure they don’t sip more than they can handle.

They Are Beginning to Listen to the World Around Them

Possibly the most important of the 14 month old baby milestones is that babies are beginning to process the world around them, making distinctions between various objects and understanding facial communication. This is a beautiful part of their life and a great opportunity for you to show them things you truly care about.

They might not respond immediately, but they’re definitely listening! Though they might not be able to speak many words at this time, they are beginning to understand what words mean. At this point they are also starting to learn the differences in language and the grammar required to order words coherently.

They Are Able to Process “No”

A natural result of your 14 month old being able to understand communication better is that they will start to understand when they are told not to do things. Because they will likely be doing some type of action that corresponds with them being told “no,” they’ll start to process the relationship between the situations and process them accordingly.

We recommend that you begin to introduce other types of boundary-setting language into your conversations with your baby, but it’s important that you don’t come off as aggressive. If you are confused about which language you should use with your baby, we recommend speaking with your doctor to get their insight. The proper baby language you should be using depends on their developmental progress, so it’s important to know just what to say.

They Will Begin Testing the Boundaries

As we’re sure you know, the 14 month mark often begins what many parents refer to as the “terrible two” phase of childhood. Because your baby is beginning to understand the world around them, they are also learning how to test the limits of this world. They are also understanding that you will tell them when they mess up, something that is both endearing and negative. Because they won’t be able to do everything in the exact way that they want to, they might also cry more at this stage.

They Can Start Being Creative

One of the most wonderful of the 14 month old baby milestones is that your baby will begin being creative. They will begin trying to play with their food and maybe even start to have emotional reactions to certain types of media they interact with. This is often them trying to express themselves, with their creativity beginning to blossom. As a parent, this is a stage that you should be encouraging whenever you can. Try to put them in situations where they are invited to create—anything that inspires the imagination is positive!

They Will Be Able to Hold Writing Tools

Part of the 14 month old baby milestones is being able to create is being able to hold different types of writing tools. This often allows them to start using physical objects as a means of expression, being able to grab writing tools like pencils or paintbrushes. During this time, it is also important to make sure that nothing gets in the hands of your baby that shouldn’t be there. After all, 14 month old babies will try to pick up everything!

They Will Start Playing with Crayons

Playing with crayons is a significant part of the 14 month old baby milestones, allowing babies to begin using their developing motor skills to be creative. This is why we recommend crayons as the ideal toy for any child to use, allowing them to blossom creatively no matter where they are. If you give your children crayons, though, you should be aware of the potential risks with them eating the crayons or gripping them too hard. This is why we recommend keeping a close eye on your baby while they’re playing with crayons to make sure that they’re not using them improperly.

They Can Understand Their Name

Part of your baby developing their 14 month milestones includes being able to recognize their own name. This will cause them to respond more clearly to directions that are associated with their name, allowing you to connect with them on a deeper level. This is one of the most important 14 month old baby milestones due to its impact on their identity. After all, their name is who they are and it affects how they perceive life later on as well.

They Will Begin to Organize

Babies who are at this stage in their 14 month old baby milestones will begin to organize objects in their life. Though they won’t know what proper order means and how to necessarily establish it, they are certainly aware of the importance of maintaining some form of organization. This is why many babies will begin playing with toys such as building blocks.

They Will Start to Say Words

Babies at this stage in their 14 month old milestones will begin to say words. This is a beautiful and special event, as it is often the result of your babies wanting to communicate with the outside word. Of course, you shouldn’t expect your baby to start forming sentences, but saying things such as “mama” and “dada” are great starts.

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