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13 Month Old Baby Milestones & Development

13 Month Old Baby Facts

So, last month your precious baby just turned one year old. You probably had a great celebration, with friends and family going bonkers about how cute they are and how much they have grown!

By now, it is no secret how fast your little guy or gal is progressing. Every day brings a new adventure. Every moment, it will seem like they picked up on more and more. They will impress you and melt your heart with their actions, noises and lightning speed learning!

As for 13 month old baby milestones, maybe you would like to know where your baby is in terms of development. With this fast-paced day to day, it can be hard to stay up to speed. What is considered “normal range” for 13 month old baby milestones anyway?

Let’s discuss what you can expect this month!

13 Month Old Baby Milestones: Jibber Jabber

At this age, your baby probably has words like “mama” and “dada” down pat. After all, you are their favorite people in the world! It may just melt you into a puddle every time you hear them call out to you or acknowledge you.

Some babies are saying more at this age. On average, your baby speaks about three to four words. Some will say more and some will say less! No pressure at this point.

With 13 month old baby milestones, your babies are likely much more communicative in their actions. They will likely follow you around the room with their eyes, call out to you and respond to your words.

While they may not be saying a lot, they are taking in the world around them and soaking it all up.

Soon enough, they will be formulating entire sentences! So, hang in there! In the meantime, there are some things you can do to help your toddler’s growing vocabulary.

Read, Read, Read!

You are likely already doing this with your babies. It is so much fun! Break out the picture books and go over one-word repetitive words to familiarize the word to the image.

This way their brains will correlate the sound to the picture they are shown. It will help them retain much better.

Talk to Them!

Whenever you are interacting with your baby, talk to them! When making food or drink, say what it is called out loud. When changing a diaper, tell them what that is called as well.

The more you chatter to them, the more they will pick up on! The same routines will create repeated patterns and make it easier for them to remember.

Sing Outloud!

Not only will baby love when you talk to them, but they’ll also love you singing to them even more. Even if you are tone-deaf and can’t carry a tune in a bucket, you can play music or videos for them. There are many educational videos available for this age.

It will teach them both singing and dancing! This will get your tot excited about muscle movement and words! What could be better?

This will be so exciting for parents to watch as their toddlers expand their vocabulary!

13 Month Old Baby Milestones: Motor Skills

How about walking? Are we quite there yet? If not, no worries! Babies at this age can still not be quite ready yet. The average age babies begin to walk is between 9-17 months.

Since that is a pretty big range, 13 month old baby milestones may or may not include them walking. If they aren’t, they are likely making some movement in that direction. At this stage, babies can army crawl, crawl regularly, climb, scoot, stand, and roll.

Whatever your little ones preferred method of movement is, you are probably already chasing after them!

While it is no cause to worry if your baby isn’t walking yet, you can work with and encourage them to do so!

Walk with Them

You can let them hold onto your fingers and walk them around. They are likely to be bearing weigh on their legs at this stage. So, grab hold and slowly guide them at their own pace.

You will likely see smiles galore as they fumble for foot control! They will be excited and so will you. The stronger those little legs get and the more certain they are on their feet, the quicker they will be moving.

Give Them Walking Toys

You or grandma have probably already spoiled them with some pretty nifty walking toys. So, if they have some, encourage them to use them. You may have to help guide them at first or make sure they don’t take a tumble, but they’ll get it in no time!

Soon, they will be pulling themselves up to the toy and walking around on their own, even if they can’t quite walk without it yet.

Find Motivation

What does your little one show interest in? Something shiny? Some noisemakers? There are likely to be several things!

If you show them this and make them try to walk for it, they may be so determined to get to it, they won’t even realize their little legs are carrying them!

13 month old baby milestones for motor skills vary quite a lot as you can see!Again, don’t put too much pressure on yourself as the parent or your toddler to be mobile. Each child is different, and they will walk when they are ready! You can help them along but don’t be discouraged if you don’t see fast results. The practice is key!

13 Month Old Baby Milestones: Feeding time

Your baby has probably been exploring the wide range of tastes with baby food for quite some time now! They have likely built up quite the appetite for their favorites and will plainly show distaste for something they think is, well- icky!

For 13 month old baby milestones, at feeding time, they will probably be trying to hold their utensils at this point. This is fantastic for their coordination skills, but not so much for your cleanliness. They will be making quite the mess.

While it is tempting to intervene when they are putting more food on their shirts than in their mouths, try to let them be independent!

Remember that the quicker they learn, the less you will have to control the spoon!

Let Them Work It Out

Whether it is finger foods or spoon-fed dishes, if they are trying- let them. You can guide them through the process and help when they need you to. But you can let them master the task as well.

This will help their hand-to-mouth coordination and improve their ability to eat on their own.

Encourage Textures and Tastes

Even when your baby is not seeming to like a new dish, encourage them to try it anyway! The more they taste, the more their taste buds will bloom. Not only is taste important at this stage, so is texture!

You may find that when they feel the consistency of a banana or something more course, they may have an odd reaction. Just because they try something once with hesitation doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t like it! Keep trying.

It is a very good thing to help your baby stay healthy and discover the variety of foods at this stage. The more they experience, the less picky they may end up being later down the line!


It is always nice to be up to speed with where your baby is. Since each baby is so different, give yourself a break, parents! Your little one will progress how they progress. All you can do is help them along the way.

Now that you know the core 13 month old baby milestones, have fun looking for all the ways your baby will grow over the next month. You are likely to notice them picking new things left and right. Enjoy each moment as it comes.

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