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11 Month Old Baby Milestones & Development

11 Month Old Baby Facts

In only a month, you’ll have a full-fledged one year old on your hands, spiraling toward toddlerhood and everything that miraculous time in life entails. For now, though, you’ve only got an 11 month old baby. And that’s not too bad, given that they’ve come so far now and learned so much. You’re still learning at this stage, too, trying to make sure that they keep up with all the 11 month old baby milestones and all the ones after that. You may be wondering what’s next, just before that monumental first birthday.

Well, the good news is that there’s still a lot of development on the way for month 11. Babies that hit 11 months old have already learned a ton of things by this time, but they’re not done yet. They’ve done quite a few notable things by now and learned a lot of new concepts, such as:

  • Object permanence
  • Cause and effect
  • Mimicking facial expressions
  • Rolling over
  • Sitting up

Your baby has already learned all of those things by 11 month’s old, but in month 11, more exciting 11 month old baby milestones occur, and they continue their journey. By this time, you’ve likely amassed a healthy collection of baby photos, videos, posts, and oh so many cherished favorite outfits they’ve outgrown, or toys they’ve come to love and then come to abandon. It’s a wild ride up to month 11. Here’s what you can expect in this critical month of development.

1. Cruising

By month 11, your baby is going to be cruising. That’s not just an expression either (okay, it is). Furniture around your house serves as a very steady foundation for your baby to hold onto as it takes steps around the house. When babies grab onto furniture like this and walk around it, it’s called cruising, and it’s one of those important 11 month old baby milestones that’s really fun to watch and share with friends. Your child will explore plenty of household objects this way and “cruise” around each one of them, giving you neverending memories.

2. Climbing

This can be a dangerous 11 month old baby milestones moment if you don’t keep a close eye on it. If your baby is starting to climb, it’s time to babyproof anything that might be dangerous for climbing. Most 11 month old babies climb things like crib railings and countertops. While this is a particular normal 11 month old baby milestones activity, it’s not something that you want to encourage (unlike just about any other milestone). It’s great that your little one has the strength, determination, and inclination to climb, but it’s one of those milestones that can be dangerous, so make sure you babyproof your home from an avid baby climber.

3. Fun with toys

Toys are a huge part of 11 month old baby milestones. For example, one of the common milestones at this age is that your child is able to play with blocks, stack them, and even organize them sometimes by size. They’re learning! And it’s a great thing for everyone who watches this in wonder. 11 month old baby milestones often center around this concept of learning, as your child begins to notice the world around them and the order in those things. Stacking blocks with an 11 month old can be a great time, so explore these types of activities with your child and watch them thrive.

4. Spoon time

A spoon is the safest utensil for your baby to use, and as one of their many 11 month old baby milestones, they’ll often become a novice with a spoon. Don’t expect them to master the intricate coordination it takes to use the spoon proficiently, but they should at least be exploring use of a spoon during the 11th month of life. Your little one using a spoon can make your life a lot easier, and it makes feeding time easier for the whole family. Don’t be afraid to let them make a mess, as this is the way that they learn. Their hands, eyes, and everything else is still developing, so if they’re not a wizard with a spoon by 11 months in, it’s no harm done. Just keep working with them.

5. Food preferences

As your baby approaches a year old, you’re going to notice in the 11th month that they’re getting pickier about what they want to eat. Many parents dread this stage, but it’s actually a big part of those 11 month old baby milestones. Just like you, there are certain foods that your baby is going to like more than other foods, especially when it pertains to things like fruit and veggies. Finding out what your child likes and doesn’t like is a big part of the parental job. And while your entire menu can’t revolve around what your baby likes to eat, you should be respectful of their tastes, so long as they are eating a healthy diet. 11 month old baby milestones wouldn’t be quite the same without the picky eater stage for some babies.

Heading for a Year

The first year of life is undoubtedly one of the most memorable for parents. That’s the year you’re tracking everything, seeing all of these milestones, and working with your baby to help them learn as much, as fast, as they can. Some things are left up to genetics, as there is no rushing a baby on most milestones. 11 month old baby milestones will take place when they should, though, in their own time. All you can do is wait for them patiently. If you’re concerned that your baby is behind on any of their milestones, or slow in their development, the best person to talk to is your pediatrician.

Every one of these 11 month old baby milestones make everyone’s heart smile a little. They’re becoming a much more active member of the family, picking up language, words, sounds, movements, and maybe even scaling a chair when your back is turned. All of these milestones are terrific memories for everyone in the whole family. And while your little one likely won’t remember any of these things, you can document them with pictures and baby book entries to make sure that they know someday what they were up to at 11 months old.


Next month is going to be the big one, the first birthday for your baby. You have a lot of planning to do to make sure that it’s a memory everyone can look back on with fondness.

Before then, though, take a little bit of time to appreciate the little changes going on in your 11 month old baby’s life right now, all the new games they’re playing, the use of spoons, and even the climbing. It’s all part of that never boring world of a baby in their first year of life.

As the years go by, all of these memories may pile together, and it’s harder to keep track of, but for now you have a lot of observation to do of these amazing, often miraculous, 11 month old baby moments.

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