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10 Month Old Baby Milestones & Development

10 Month Old Baby Facts

Your baby isn’t just any 10 month old baby. They’re your 10 month old baby, and it’s up to you to find out the pace they should be developing. Your 10 month old baby milestones begin with brain and motor skill development. Their skills now are far advanced and allow them to do a wide array of fascinating and heartwarming things. Each one of these heartwarming things will be big deals for both your baby and you, as you learn more about the world together. By the time your baby is 10 months old, they’ll be able to:

  • Eat solid foods
  • Mimic your facial expressions
  • Eat many solid foods
  • Move about almost non-stop during waking hours
  • Have a concept of cause and effect

The 10 month old baby milestones that mean the most to parents will vary, but a few of them stand out and deserve special recognition. This brief overview of just what your 10 month old will be, or is, up to is meant to help you gauge whether or not your baby is developing at a normal pace for his or her age.

A baby’s development is unique to their particular genetic makeup and environment. No two babies are going to follow a precise timeline of 10 month old baby milestones, but there are a few that are shared more, on average, than other milestones that occur earlier or later. Common milestones have been documented for a long time now. What’s in store for your 10 month old? Here are a few possibilities.

1. Finds meaning in words

In the beginning of learning language, your baby will learn how to physically process the words and pronounce them in their own unique way, but they won’t understand the meaning behind those words very well. One of the most interesting 10 month old baby milestones is when your little one begins to understand the meaning behind words. For example, they won’t just hear the word “bye,” but they might know that bye means they’re leaving the house and going somewhere, or that they need you to put their jacket on before you leave. It’s a brand new world for both baby and you, as they’ll understand context and some of the meanings behind the things you’re talking about. Language will be a huge part of your baby’s life and development. Work with them as much as possible.

2. Separation anxiety is heightened

You might think that your baby will have less separation anxiety as they get older, but actually it’s the opposite. They have more of this type of anxiety. Thanks to their newfound realization that you’re still in existence even when they can’t see you – known as object permanence – they’re aware that you’re there even when you’re not in sight. And that makes them miss you. While it’s a sweet concept, and a very cute one, it’s not something that most parents find pleasant. Knowing your baby misses you and is crying because you’re leaving or gone is a heartbreaking thing. You can do things to work with them on reducing this kind of anxiety. Tips for reducing separation anxiety in your 10 month old will help you both in the long run.

3. Word imitation

10 month old baby milestones are rife with language accomplishments. You’ll find your baby babbling up a storm at this age, experimenting with not just words but sounds in general, and it’s an endearing time. During this stage, they’ll begin to listen to you say words and then try to imitate them. After all, this is an exciting prospect for them! They not only hear words and attach meaning, but they can try to imitate words and sounds that they hear, having great fun with it in the process. You’re likely to have a great deal of fun with it as well. Word play and working with your baby on language skills is one of the most important things you will do for them as a parent.

4. Ability to feed themselves

There’s a very important development at about 10 months old, and it’s the 10 month old baby milestones moment when your baby learns to feed himself or herself finger foods like toast or some fruits.

It’s a development that’s fun for them, and it’s one that makes your life easier in general. Your baby is learning what food is by now, and can eat more solid foods than ever before, so when you’re able to put food down in front of them and have them eat for themselves, your life is much easier.

Grab the camera, too, as babies at this age love to have fun with their food. Let them explore, learn, and most importantly, let them have fun eating.

5. Goes from stomach to sitting

It takes a lot of muscle strength to be able to do this, so if one of your 10 month old baby milestones is seeing your little one go from their stomach to a sitting position, you can be sure that your bundle of joy is becoming a bundle of muscles, too.

They’re developing stomach, back, arm, and hand strengths, as well as great coordination. The things that seem so simple to us are actually very hard for your baby, so make sure that you encourage the moments when this happens. Your child will be very proud of their accomplishment, and you should be, too! It’s quite a moment.

6. Walking is possible

Here’s the big one in the world of 10 month old baby milestones. Please, do not be discouraged or concerned if your child doesn’t take steps or walk at 10 months old. Not every baby will do this, and it’s not a sign of a great future if they do or don’t.

Other things will determine that later on in life. For now, it’s worth it to tell you that walking is one of the big 10 month old baby milestones that is a possibility, but not a foregone conclusion. It may or may not happen. That said, it’s worth it to work with your baby on standing up and taking steps.

Work with them daily to encourage this! Once again, it will have more to do with how physically developed they are than any hard work on your part, but if they’re physically ready, your work might pay off.

A Step in the Right Direction

Almost every parents looks forward to the day that their baby takes those first steps, so 10 months old is a very important month for some parents. While not every baby will walk off to great things in month 10, it becomes an exciting possibility for parents.

Working with your child on leg strength and encouraging them to take steps is only half the battle. The rest is up to your baby, and you should know that if they don’t take their first steps at 10 months old, it’s no big deal. 10 month old baby milestones are different for every baby, and your baby might wait a month or two or even longer before those first steps.

Language Development

The other 10 month old baby milestones may or may not happen for your baby, too. Language development also varies depending on a variety of things, both genetic and environmental. Social outings with your baby should take on a whole new meaning at 10 months, as your child learns more about the world around them. 10 month old baby milestones focus on both physical development, cognitive development, and that all important social development that allows them to interact with the world around them.


No matter which 10 month old baby milestones you witness in your baby, it’s imperative that you bond with your baby during this time and begin sharing in their lives, too. So far they’ve only asked you to take care of all their physical needs, and they haven’t understood much about the world you live in. And they may have noticed very little of the world around them. 10 months old is the time when your baby will move ever closer to having a life of its own, with their own likes and dislikes and way of expressing themselves. It’s your job to get to know them, and to let them know you.


Rewarding moments await you just ahead! Milestones like those that appear in the 10th month of life will remain with you forever, giving you a memory of your baby during a time in their life when things were brand new for them (and you). Sharing in those experiences with your little one will create a strong bond early on that you can develop throughout the years to come. Learning to communicate with them in social settings and through language will affect their development as well as your own outlook on things. Make the bond a strong one.

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